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Tracking Settings

If you are an Admin or Owner, you can go to the ‘Tracking settings’ page and set whether you want Traqq to track your team’s activity levels, take screenshots or record screen video.

Track apps & websites

Filter your time-tracking data by app and web usage. Build reports and summaries for each and every user. Know your processes and keep them transparent.

Take screenshots

Blurred screenshots are taken in the background and do not distract from ongoing work. However, you can still get a good idea of the employee’s activity and detect suspicious or inappropriate usage.

Record screen

Blurred 10-second video clips of screen activity will be recorded at random times to help ensure work is being done. Video is blurred to protect any private information that may appear on the screen.

Step 1

Click on the organization name at the bottom of the navigation panel, then click the Settings tab

Step 2

Go to the tracking settings tab, and adjust your tracking preferences. You can choose to disable screenshots, screen recording, and app & website tracking for your organization.


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