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All Features in One PREMIUM Package

Every Traqq plan includes the full set of tools and features you may need for worry-free tracking

Work from anywhere that’s convenient to you, even if there is no Internet connection. The app will track every minute of your work time and synchronize it with your online Traqq account as soon as you get connected. Turn the tracker on when you start working, and turn it off when you need to step away or do something of personal nature on your computer. The Traqq app takes care of the tracking without interfering with your activity or requiring any input.

Traqq will keep record of the applications used by each employee while their time is tracked, as well as the websites they visit while working. You get a pie chart listing the percentage of time spent on each app or website, and will be able to make sure work time is spent productively. This information can help you see if time is being wasted and take measures to restore efficiency.

The app records user activity levels by registering mouse and keyboard clicks. It has nothing in common with keyloggers, as it does not record the actual words typed or links clicked. The app tracks how actively the employee is using their mouse and keyboard, and provides statistical data in the form of activity level percentage attached to each recorded screenshot on the timeline. See activity peaks and drops, analyze potential reasons and take action to ensure top productivity.

The Traqq app regularly takes screenshots throughout the work day and saves them in your online account. You can review the screenshots and remove any that you don’t want to be viewed by the company account owner or your manager. Note that screenshots are removed along with the time attached to them (each screenshot corresponds to a 10-minute time interval), so removing screenshots reduces your recorded work time.

Traqq gives you the option of recording video clips of screen activity, which is enabled or disabled by the company/organization account owner for the whole team. Video clips are also stored in the employee’s online account, and can be reviewed or deleted, just like screenshots. And just like with the screenshots, videos are deleted along with the work time attached to them, so keep that in mind when editing.

Here at Traqq we understand that no one likes their privacy to be invaded, and that a time tracker can sometimes serve as a source of major concerns for remote employees. Traqq is different. There is no spying here. All screenshots and video clips are intentionally blurred to protect any sensitive personal information on the screen from being readable. At the same time, the quality is sufficient for the employer to get an idea of what their team is working on. Perfect balance!

The flexible reports help you get a clear picture of a lot of aspects that may be affecting your team’s productivity. Get a weekly summary report, time and activity report, reports on app and website usage, a report on any manual time adjustments that were done, report on the amounts earned, etc. Specify the time period you want reported, choose the people, groups or the entire team you want included, and have the report list the information you need.

Once you have decided on the data you want included on your report, you can have it exported in a format that is convenient to you. Your report can be sent to you via email, as well as exported in a .csv sheet or as a universal .pdf document. Save those reports on your computer, use them when reviewing performance with your team, and come back to them to see the progress your team has made over time.

No matter how big or small your team is, you can break it into an unlimited number of groups, each with its own manager(s). Move people from one group to another, remove them from groups or keep some employees independent of any group. When you are the account owner, your team is in your hands and you can set it up the most convenient way that would satisfy your company’s specific needs.

With the intelligent Traqq app, you have control over what it alerts you about throughout your work day. You can have it notify you every hour of the time you have worked today. If you step away while the tracker is running, it will alert you that your PC is idle for too long. If you return to work, but forget to turn the time tracker on, the app can prompt you to do so when it detects activity. Choose if you want to know when screenshots are taken and whether you want the alerts to come with sounds.

We are all human, which means that we may sometimes forget things, like turning the time tracker off or on when we stop or resume work. That’s when the manual time editing feature comes in really handy. You can click the option to add time right from the app menu, specify the date and time period being added and the reason for the adjustment. Once you click ‘Save’, the time will be included on all reports and invoices. If you need to remove time, do so by deleting the corresponding screenshots from your timeline.

When you register a Traqq account for your company or organization, you get a dedicated manager assigned to you. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, guide you through setting up your company account and assist you anytime with managing your team(s) on Traqq. Even though Traqq is very simple and intuitive as is, having a live person always ready to help makes it even more convenient for today’s busy managers.

When you set up your team and groups in your Traqq account, you can have roles assigned to employees. Each role comes with different access rights. There is the Owner with full rights to your company account. Then you have Admins, who can tweak company settings and view activity for all other users and managers. The next level is group Managers, who can review the data and manage accounts for everyone on their assigned team. Everyone else is regular users with access to their own activity only.


  • Does Traqq have an unlimited plan that’s really free?

  • Yes. Traqq offers the Premium Starter plan with all premium features for accounts with up to 3 users. This plan can be used for as long as you need it.

  • How long is Traqq’s free trial?

  • If your team is bigger than 3 people, you can try the Premium Teams or Enterprise plan absolutely free for 21 days.

  • What happens if I cancel my Premium Teams plan subscription (more than 3 users) during the 21-day trial period?

  • If your team is bigger than 3 people, you can try the Premium Teams or Enterprise plan absolutely free for 21 days.

  • How is the price calculated?

  • Billing is based on the number of users in your organization’s Traqq account.

  • What does plan upgrading mean?

  • In Traqq, the plan upgrading means adding users (seats).

  • What happens to my excess users once I downgrade my plan?

  • You will be offered to archive your excess users (you select and decide who to remove). Later, you will be able to either delete them permanently or restore them. See how to remove or restore users manually.

  • Will Traqq refund me after I downgrade?

  • Traqq’s subscriptions are non-refundable. Therefore, when you downgrade, the change will only take effect at the end of your prepaid time period. Until then, the number of users you prepaid for will remain active.

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