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Time tracking app
for remote and on-site teams

Time tracking app used by companies and individuals alike. Traqq is a time tracker that lets you record work hours and monitor your team's productivity.
Unlimited features
Use Traqq's PRO feature and time tracking tools on your free plan with up to three people.
Free trial
Start tracking your time without providing a credit card or any other payment details.
Data protection
Traqq is equipped with cutting-edge encryption technology to protect your data.
Simple UI
Traqq is super simple to track employee time and ethically monitor their activities.

Employee time tracking app with extra features

Automated tracking and activity monitoring that does not slow down the system or interfere with
what the user is doing on their PC.
activity dashboard of time trackertime tracking software with screenshotsskype call screenshotrecording camera icon
Screenshots, videos and activity levels
Track user activity with automated screenshots

Traqq is a time tracker with screenshots and short video recordings allowing you to monitor your employees better. However, all the taken images and clips are intentionally blurred to protect the privacy of your employees.

Activity levels
Review and share activity reports of your team
Measure and analyze the activity levels of everyone on your team with online timesheets and export the reports in multiple file formats.
Use our employee time tracking software to easily optimize your company’s performance and profitability.
employee monitoring software reportstime tracking app daily activity reportoverall daily activity levels screenshot
Traqq time tracking app signin pageTraqq time tracking app signin page blurredcustomizable time tracker settings for teamscurved arrow pointing at the blurred image of Traqq sign in page
Ethical Tracking
An ethical time tracker that everyone appreciates
For the Traqq time tracking app, the privacy of its users stands above everything else. That’s why every screenshot or video recording is blurred, users are in complete control of their activities and may delete any screenshot or video recording along with the attached time.
The users of our online time tracking software decide for themselves when to start or stop the tracking with one click.
All the features you may want in a time tracking app
Time tracking
Track every minute to easily calculate pay and manage resources
Mouse and keyboard tracking
Monitor activity levels of your employees during tracked time
App & website monitoring
See what apps or websites employees use during work hours
Notifications & reminders
Get the app to remind you when you're idle or not tracking time
Manage people, create groups
Manage everyone on your team and add people to groups
Easily create various reports straight from the time tracking app
Add/edit time manually
Change the recorded time if you forget to turn the tracker on/off
Secure and private
Personal information is hidden and user privacy is protected
That's not all!
Traqq has tons of other cool features you will like
See all features
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Track your time anywhere, anytime
Traqq lets you install the app on macOS or Windows computers and uses a web interface.
employee time tracking app for macOS and Windows
Online Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a time tracker?

A time tracker is an app that automatically records the time a person spends on an activity, task, or project. It helps individuals and organizations understand where their time goes.

Are there any benefits to a time tracking app?

There are plenty of benefits to using a time tracker with screenshots. Freelancers and agencies can use it to record their work hours and bill clients accurately.

Companies can use an employee time tracking app to create transparency by showing managers what employees do during their work hours.

What are the possible downsides of time tracking?

There are privacy concerns in time tracking, especially since the practice involves monitoring app and URL usage. Some time trackers also take high-quality screenshots, which is something that a lot of people don’t like.

As such, it’s important to use a tool that promotes ethical employee monitoring. Traqq time tracking software, for instance, intentionally blurs and lowers the image quality of the screenshots to prevent sensitive data from becoming legible.

How to save time on timesheets?

Instead of manually adding entries to a timesheet, track time through Traqq to automate the entire process. The app will log time for you and upload it to a sleek online timesheet.

You can export the timesheet as a PDF or CSV file. Alternatively, you can send the report to any email address you choose.

How can I bill clients for hourly work?

You can bill clients for hourly work by using Traqq. The time tracking app allows you to customize hourly rates for individuals and entire teams. All you need to do is click Start and it will record work hours automatically.

How can I automatically calculate payroll?

You can use Traqq time tracking software for employees to make the entire payroll process easy and convenient. Managers can set the hourly rates of employees and let them track time using the app.

At the end of the month, the app generates reports on the total billable time along with the amount earned by each worker.

What is the simplest time tracking app?

Traqq is the simplest time tracking app. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install while its user-friendly interface avoids a steep learning curve. Within minutes of setting up the tool, you can begin tracking time.

How can I track my work time for free?

Up to three users can track time for free using Traqq. What’s great about this app is all the Premium features are available even on the free version.

You’ll have access to time tracking, employee monitoring, and productivity reporting tools.

Is there an app for clocking in and out?

There are plenty of clock-in clock-out apps out there, but the most convenient and comprehensive option is the Traqq employee time tracking app.

Aside from recording an employee’s start and end times, the app comes with various productivity tools. It will show you how your team spends their time during work hours.