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Time tracking software
for remote or local teams

Monitor team productivity and performance via automated tools: take screenshots and screen recordings, log team activity levels, monitor app and web use, and a lot more…
Unlimited features
We offer you a full set of tools and features you need to maximize productivity.
Free trial
Activate your Traqq account without providing a credit card or any other payment details.
Data protection
Traqq is equipped with cutting-edge encryption technology to protect your data.
Simple UI
Traqq is super simple to track employee time and ethically monitor their activities.

The quick and easy time tracker to simplify your work

Automated tracking and activity monitoring that does not slow down the system or interfere with
what the user is doing on their PC.
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Screenshots, videos and activity levels
Monitor user activity with automated screenshots and videos

Screenshots are taken in the background with no distraction to ongoing work. There is also an option to take video recordings of screen activity, which may be enabled by account owner.

Activity levels
Detailed stats, time sheets and more
Measure and analyze activity levels of everyone on your team with online time sheets, find your best performing employees and coordinate your least performing ones.
Record employee working hours and easily optimize your company’s performance and profitability.
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Ethical Tracking
We track and not spy
The quality of collected screenshots and video clips is intentionally reduced to the extent that would prevent sensitive and personal information (such as private messages or passwords) from being visible.
However, you can still get a good idea of the employee’s activity. Besides, the user is in control of all screenshots and videos, and can delete any of them along with the recorded time.
All the features you may want in a time tracker
Time tracking
Track every minute to easily calculate pay and manage resources
Mouse and keyboard tracking
Monitor typing and clicking for accurate activity stats
App & website monitoring
Find out what apps or websites employees use over their work day
Notifications & reminders
Choose events to be alerted of when the tracker is running
Manage people, create groups
Manage everyone on your team and add people to groups
Easily create various reports straight from the app
Add/edit time manually
Change the recorded time if you forget to turn the tracker on/off
Secure and private
Personal information and user privacy is protected
That's not all!
Traqq has tons of other cool features you will like
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Work anywhere and switch between computers
Traqq lets you install the app on macOS or Windows computers and use a web interface.
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