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Does Traqq have an unlimited plan that’s really free?

Yes. Traqq offers the Premium Starter plan with all premium features for accounts with up to 3 users. This plan can be used for as long as you need it.

What free features does Traqq offer?

Traqq offers the following free premium features:

  1. Full online/offline desktop time tracker
  2. App and website monitoring
  3. Mouse and keyboard activity tracking
  4. Automated desktop screenshots
  5. Screen video recording
  6. Ethical tracking
  7. Custom user and team reports
  8. Export reports in a convenient format
  9. Multiple time zone view
  10. Manage people, create unlimited teams
  11. Smart alerts and notifications
  12. Add/edit time manually
  13. Roles and access levels
  14. Personal account manager
What subscription plans does Traqq offer?
  1. Premium Starter for 3 users - Free
  2. Premium Teams for 4-100 users
    • $ 6 per user/ month, billed annually
    • $ 6.3 per user/ month, billed quarterly
    • $ 7 per user/ month, billed monthly
  3. Enterprise for 100+ users - custom price
How long is Traqq’s free trial?

If your team is bigger than 3 people, you can try the Premium Teams or Enterprise plan absolutely free for 21 days.

Can the free trial be extended?

After your 21-day trial expires, you may continue using Traqq for a team of 3 people by switching to the Premium Starter plan, which lets you keep access to all premium features. Please contact us by email at support@traqq.com if you need more info.

What happens if I cancel my Premium Teams plan subscription (more than 3 users) during the 21-day trial period?

Canceling your subscription during the 21-day trial period will not trigger any charges. Your subscription will be downgraded to the FREE Premium Starter Plan with the 3-user limit.

What happens to my organization's Traqq account when my 21-day trial is over?

Traqq notifies you when your Premium Teams trial expires. Then, you will be able to either subscribe by paying a fee or downgrade your team to the maximum of 3 users.

How is the price calculated?

Billing is based on the number of users in your organization’s traqq account.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my subscription?

You can use one of the two payment methods to pay your subscription fee:

  1. PayPal
  2. Mastercard/Visa
How can I change my payment cycle?

You can change your payment cycle on the Subscription tab in your online Traqq account.

How can I change/update my payment method?

You can change/update your payment method on the Subscription tab in your online Traqq account.

What does plan upgrading mean?

In Traqq, the plan upgrading means adding users (seats).

How can I upgrade my plan?

You can change your plan anytime by simply adding users on the Subscription tab.
When new users join, we’ll create an invoice to cover them through the end of your subscription period.

How can I downgrade my plan to fewer users?

You can make the changes on the Subscription tab in your online Traqq account by pressing the 'Change subscription' button.

What happens to my excess users once I downgrade my plan?

You will be offered to archive your excess users (you select and decide who to remove). Later, you will be able to either delete them permanently or restore them. See how to remove or restore users manually.

What happens to my excess users’ recorded data if I downgrade my plan?

You will archive your excess users when downgrading your plan. That means you will still be able to access their activity records for 365 days, unless you permanently delete them or delete your company’s account earlier. To access data for your archived users, go to the Reports page to generate and export a report containing their tracked data.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime on the Subscription page by clicking the ‘Cancel subscription’ link.

Please note:
Your prepaid number of users will remain active until your next billing cycle. For instance, if you cancel your annual subscription for 20 users after 9 months, you will still keep them for the remaining 3 months, until your subscription expires.

Will Traqq refund me after I downgrade?

Traqq’s subscriptions are non-refundable. However, when you downgrade your subscription, the remaining amount you had prepaid for the removed users will be applied to your next subscription term.

Can Traqq refund me if I subscribed but didn't use the service?

Traqq has a No refund policy. Unless you were charged due to a system error, we won't be able to issue a refund. Read more about this in our Terms of Use.

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