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Dashboard - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I view the Dashboard?

Only Managers, Admins and account Owners have access to the Dashboard. If you used to be able to see the Dashboard, but now find that it’s no longer visible, then it means that your role has been changed to regular User by an Admin or account Owner.

What are Top Apps & Websites?

Traqq tracks users’ activity, as well as the apps and websites they use. Under Top Apps & Websites you see the apps and sites that are used the most by users or groups.

How is average activity calculated?

Activity percentage is calculated in 10-minute increments throughout the day. When you review your timeline, you see that each screenshot has the corresponding activity percentage listed next to it. Average activity is the average of those 10-minute activity increments calculated for the selected period of time, be it a day, a week, a month or a custom date range.

How is total time calculated?

Total time is the sum of the hours and minutes a user has tracked during a selected period of time.

Why doesn’t my team have any data displayed under Time and Activity?

If you can’t view a user’s Time and Activity, it usually means that the user hasn’t installed or executed the app after registering for Traqq.

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