General Questions

Does Traqq provide customer support?

Yes. You can email Traqq and receive a response within 24 hours. Our team monitors the mailbox and responds to customer inquiries 24/7.

Who uses Traqq?

Traqq is a time tracking tool made for easy team monitoring. Company owners, group managers, HR departments and freelancers working locally or remotely, with any number of people on the team, can use Traqq. The app will use automated methods, such as screenshots, activity tracking, app and website tracking to provide users with an insight into the teams’ productivity and performance.

How does Traqq work?

Traqq works via a desktop app, which users can download and install after sign-up. Once the tracker is activated, the app tracks your active hours, as well as the applications you run and websites you visit. It also captures blurred screenshots at random times within 10-minute intervals to provide a general insight into user activity.

Does Traqq have a browser extension or a web app?

Nope. Traqq uses a desktop app to track user activity, including apps & websites.

How do I book a demo with Traqq?

You can book a free Traqq demo session via our ’Demo Offer’ page.

Does Traqq work offline or with no internet access?

Yes! Traqq is not internet-dependent. Your activity, screenshots, app and website use will be accurately tracked and stored on your computer. The data gets synchronized with your online Traqq account once you are back online.

Is Traqq a productivity tool?

Yes! Traqq gives users an insight into their productivity by measuring their activity levels throughout the hours they’ve worked. Traqq also shows the amount of time the users have spent on different apps and websites. You can use this information to analyze your productivity throughout the day, pinpoint distractions and make changes to ensure better efficiency.

How do I send feedback to Traqq?

There are three ways you can submit your feedback to us:

1 - The simplest option is to use the smiley icons in the top-right corner of your Traqq account page.

2 - You can also send us feedback from the desktop app. Simply click on the tracker, and select the ‘Send feedback’ menu option.


3 - Last but not least, you can send us feedback via email at

Is recording screen activity legal?

Yes, as long as it is done with the user’s consent! Traqq only takes screenshots if the user has consented and enabled the option in the tracking settings. Traqq does not have any “stealth mode”, “silent mode” or similar options that may enable spying.

What is ethical tracking?

We track the users’ activity, but never spy on them.
Ethical tracking is built on the principles of:

1 - Fairness between the employee and the employer, where employees have full control over their tracked time and recorded screenshots. Neither time nor screenshots can be deleted by admins or other users – you can delete only what is yours. Note that each screenshot is associated with a 10-minute time interval, which means that deleting a screenshot will also delete the time attached to it.

2 - Privacy protection: screenshots are blurred to protect user privacy (accidental passwords or personal info that may be displayed on your screen while the tracker is running, along with the rest of your screen contents, are intentionally distorted).

3 - Openness: you can get a notification when a screenshot is taken. This is optional and can be turned on or off by any user.

4 - User consent: you start the timer when you want your time and activity to be tracked, and stop it when you need to use your computer for personal needs.

What's the difference between a task tracker and a time tracker?

Task trackers are specialized project management tools, such as Trello or Asana, that allow users to set up projects and tasks for their teams. While task trackers only monitor task completion, a time tracker is able to track its progress, while also being compatible with tracking activity for the whole day (like Traqq) instead of particular tasks. Lastly, time trackers provide users with insight into the team’s performance and productivity.

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