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Manual Time adjustment

How can I manually add time?

Go to your online Traqq account, click on ‘Activity’ on the left-side navigation panel and select the Time Adjustments tab. See the full guide here.

Can I add manual time for my team?

Nope. Currently, Users are able to make manual time adjustments for their own accounts only. Please let us know at support@traqq.com if you would like to see this implemented in Traqq.

Can I add screenshots to the manually added time?

Nope. Screenshots are an automated feature on Traqq. They are captured with our automated time tracker only.

Is there a limit to how much time I can add?

Nope. Just make sure the time period you add does not overlap with automatically tracked time. If you would like us to add the feature of limiting manually added time, please let us know at support@traqq.com.

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