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Deleting screenshots, time and activity

Traqq allows users to delete their own screenshots. However, keep in mind that deleting screenshots also deletes the corresponding time. Each screenshot corresponds to a 10-minute time interval with one exception: if you stop the timer before the last 10 minutes end, the last screenshot before the timer was stopped will have less than 10 minutes attached to it.

For example, if you delete 4 screenshots, then up to 40 minutes of your tracked work time will be deleted as well.

Step 1

You can bulk-delete screenshots by selecting more than one image. To do that, first check the boxes to the bottom-left of each screenshot you want to delete.

Step 2

Once you select the screenshots, a small window will pop up telling you how many screenshots and how much work time will be deleted. Click on 'Delete' to proceed.

Step 3

You will receive a warning of how much time you’re about to erase. Note that you won’t be able to recover deleted time or screenshots. Click on 'Confirm' if you are sure about removing the specified time and screenshots.

Once you delete your time, your 'Daily total' hours at the top right will update accordingly.

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