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Workforce Management: 9 Tips for Effective Supervision

Workforce management has become a buzzword in the business world. Even so, putting a buzzword into practice in an office setting isn’t an easy task. Effective workforce coordination can provide the edge needed to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving marketplace.  A business should develop a workforce management strategy that: maximizes individual and collective […]

Going Back to Work After a Vacation: 10 Simple Tips

You’ve been away from work for the past few weeks. You are having the time of your life, exploring nature with only your wonderful self for company. A little worry lingers at the back of your mind. You wash it down with an expensive cocktail as you lounge on sun-kissed sand. You wish the days […]

How to Build Trust in the Workplace

Every professional relationship needs mutual trust to thrive. If you want to develop your reputation and build a network of reliable people, you need to be trustworthy. Never forget that the success of a company is not solely dependent on one person—it’s always a team effort. Any achievement in a business can be attributed to […]

10 Poor Time Management Symptoms and Their Solutions

A wise man once said that time is money. So, an organization needs to handle time the same way it handles money — carefully. Wasted time has negative effects on the short and long-term health of a business. On the other hand, proper time management can lead to a significant boost in productivity, decreased stress […]

How to Monitor Internet Activities of Your Employees

A Wisconsin School of Business study reveals that employees tend to drift away from their tasks and spend time cyberslacking. The researchers estimated that workers waste about three hours a week to two and a half hours a day on non-work-related internet activities. Meanwhile, according to Udemy research, throughout the day, around 60% of employees […]

8 Tips on How to Deal with a Lazy Coworker

Lazy coworkers. Those who make the most excuses, fail to meet deadlines, take longer lunch breaks, and refuse to put in extra hours to get things done. Sometimes, they’ll even drag you into their mess. Working with such colleagues is a reality that you can never get used to. They can reduce the team’s overall […]

Promote Diversity In The Workplace via Remote Work

During the onset of the pandemic, many companies were able to transition to remote work. Along the way, we’ve made countless discoveries about this new work setup. For instance, a recent PwC survey found that 83% of employers considered the shift to remote work a success. Moreover, 52% of respondents reported higher productivity from their […]

Virtual Reality in the Workplace and The Best Apps for VR Meetings

We’ve been through this pandemic for over a year. So, it is not uncommon to have a doctor’s appointment, a happy hour, or a work meeting from our desks. Fueled by lockdown restrictions, online conferencing software has become a booming business across the globe. With remote work likely to stay, the Zoom-centric lifestyle may also […]

Top 15 Best Books on Time Management to Boost Productivity

Have you ever found yourself wondering how time flies when working on your projects? We’ve all been there. It begins with a feeling that you have all the time in the world, and then suddenly, you just have minutes before the deadline. Time is one of the most precious yet scarcest resources we have. Once […]

15 Effective Tips to Being Proactive at Work

It’s no coincidence that some people always seem to have their lives organized. These are the ones who, when you turn to them for a spare pen, extra face mask, or safety pin, will always help you. Oh, and did we mention they are always punctual and rarely have any pending work? So, what’s their […]

What Are the Most Common Ethical Issues in Business?

Any business owner has had to deal with challenging and unforeseen ethical issues in their operations. Unfortunately, just because your intentions are pure, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your management method is also ethical. You need to comply with discrimination laws and ensure that you’re not compromising employee morale.  What Are the Main Business Ethics […]

Traqq – The Trusted Overtime Tracking Software

Overtime always gets a bad rap. Often, companies that require their employees to work extra hours are considered to have a toxic environment. According to GlobalWebIndex’s Work 2019 report, 59% of US and UK remote workers log overtime hours at least once a week. Of course, with the pandemic causing lockdowns across the globe, we […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Working Hours Log

If you pay your employees by the hour, it’s crucial to know much time they take to complete a project. Keeping a work hour log makes it easier to measure productivity and profits, as well as, help you stay organized. Tracking your team’s time is also essential for accurate payroll processing. For salaried workers, the […]

Working from Home: What Expenses Should my Employer Cover?

Indeed, working from home has become the norm for so many employees around the country. With many people using their personal resources for work, it’s only natural for anyone to ask this question: What expenses should my employer pay if I work from home? As a nation, there is no single employee expense reimbursement law […]