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The Best ActivTrak Alternative

ActivTrak is a well-known workforce management app suited for teams. However, if you're searching for a more powerful time tracking tool, you’ll have to look around a bit.

In this post, we focus on Traqq, one of the best alternatives to ActivTrak. While having much to offer, ActivTrak still lacks some essential features you’d want in a time tracking software.

Join us as we compare these two time trackers to help you choose the right tool for you and your business. Once you’re done reading this post, you will be convinced that Traqq is the best ActivTrak alternative.


All the information provided in this article is published in good faith and for educational purposes only. We do not intend to imply that one product is worse than the other. The information is objective, well-researched, and unbiased to help you choose the right software for your needs. Traqq Inc. releases itself from any liabilities that errors, unintentional omissions, inaccuracy, and incompleteness in the content may incur.

What Is Traqq - The ActivTrak Alternative?

Traqq is a simple, yet feature-rich time tracking and activity monitoring tool that focuses on efficient time and productivity management. The program offers seamless individual or team time tracking. It comes with automated reports to help you measure your own or your team’s performance levels.

The clock-in/clock-out app simplifies billable hours recording and payroll processing via its detailed timesheets. It works both online and offline to ensure accurate time and activity monitoring.

Some of Traqq’s most valued features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Employee monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Full offline mode
  • Apps and websites monitoring
  • Powerful reporting
  • Team management
  • Idle time detection

What Is ActivTrak?

ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics solution with detailed reporting. It lets you set team goals and efficiency benchmarks. The app has features that allow you to track progress to desired performance.

You can customize or let the tool automatically classify common applications and sites to easily measure productive and unproductive time. The app supports integration with various productivity programs like Microsoft Teams and Monday.com.

Some of ActivTrak’s most valued features include:

  • Reports
  • Application and website usage
  • Workload management
  • Integrations
  • Real-time user activity
  • Alarms and website blocking

ActivTrak Vs. Traqq: A Detailed Feature Comparison

While ActivTrak features distraction management capabilities, Traqq offers all-around time tracking features, including ethical employee monitoring. Here’s how they compare:

Time Tracking

Traqq - The Best ActivTrak Alternative

Manual Time Tracking

Once you install Traqq on your computer, you can start logging time by clicking the Start button on Traqq’s taskbar widget. Despite its automated time tracking feature, the app still gives employees control over what they want to be recorded. Users can pause the tracker when taking breaks or when they finish working on tasks and assignments.

Traqq tracks all user activity, and every second captured is updated, in real-time, to the online timesheets. Users can get a general insight of overall activities, including hours worked, via Traqq’s Dashboard.

The timeline displays a user’s activity every ten minutes, each marked with a different color to show the activity level during a given period. The gaps between the colored blocks indicate periods when the tracker is not running.

Idle Time Detection and Notifications

The intelligent Traqq app monitors user activity and alerts you when it doesn’t detect keyboard or mouse movements while the tracker is running. This way, you can avoid logging time that you didn’t work. Reminders will also pop up on your screen if you start working but forgot to turn the tracker on.

You can configure the program to alert you of every hour worked to help you manage your time more efficiently. Moreover, you can set it to notify you every time a screenshot is captured.

Manual Time Adjustments

Various circumstances call for manual time entries. Let’s say you worked in the field or attended a client meeting and want to add that time as billable. Traqq makes the process easy for you.

Simply click the option to add time right from the app menu or open the Time Adjustments tab in the Activity page and select Add Time. Specify the date and time period you want to manually add to your timeline and provide a brief explanation for the adjustment.


Automatic Time Tracking

ActivTrak tracks time and computer activity automatically. The software is activated whenever you switch on your work device, and no input is required from you. While such a system has its advantages, it doesn’t provide users with control over what they want tracked like with Traqq.

However, ActivTrak supports scheduled monitoring, which means the program allows you to track workstations only during working hours.



Traqq’s Dashboard displays a summary of all users’ or groups’ activities. It gives you a glance into how productive you or your team were in a given period.

You can view a list of the top apps and websites, the total time spent on these apps, and your average activity level in percentage. You can filter the type of information you want to see by time period, including Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last 7 days, and so on.


ActivTrak’s Dashboard, unlike Traqq’s, is more complex and may take some time to get used to all the details. Users get access to various dashboards that show a summary of performance for individuals and teams. The dashboards provide leaders with insights into the overall workforce productivity.

Some of its dashboards include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Team Comparison
  • Activity Breakdown
  • Work Efficiency
  • Top Users

Managers can review teams’ productivity data and uncover usage patterns of apps and websites. They can also review the weekly activity of each team member and analyze their work habits, as well as tool usage.

Employee Monitoring

There’s no doubt remote work is on the rise. Managers need a reliable system to see what their teams are working on, regardless of where they work from. A time tracking tool with employee monitoring features makes this easy.


has an elaborate employee monitoring solution for distributed teams. Its non-intrusive approach is highly beneficial, considering how micromanaging your staff is harmful to the work environment.

The app works silently in the background to avoid distracting workers, and you can view all their activities on the Activity page. Here’s how employee monitoring with Traqq works:

Screenshots and Video Recordings

Traqq offers automated screenshots, which are taken at random, within ten-minute intervals, showing what team members are doing. Screenshots are taken even when you're offline and later uploaded to your Traqq timeline once you reconnect to the Internet.

Traqq also captures ten-second video clips of screen activity. The app monitors mouse clicks and scrolls across the screen to show user activity. Users can delete their screenshots/videos as they wish, but they'll lose the corresponding time attached to the recordings.

The screenshots and video recordings are customizable. As the account owner, you can choose a specific user or group you want to monitor or deactivate the function.

Employee Privacy

Teams are always concerned about their privacy, particularly when monitoring tools are employed.

Traqq is the ideal ActivTrak alternative for those who want to promote ethical tracking so as not to compromise worker morale. The tool only monitors a user’s mouse clicks and scrolls, and keyboard movements. It doesn't store passwords or other sensitive details. Its sole intention is to observe how active users are.

The screenshots and video clips are blurred to protect user’s sensitive information from being accessed, albeit accidentally. They are only intended to give the leader an idea of what teams are doing at a given period.

Applications and Websites Monitoring

Traqq records the top ten applications and websites accessed by users for more than ten seconds during work hours. Managers can view the data in the form of a pie chart for quick analysis on the Activity page.

The tool doesn’t track browser activity – just the time you spent on the apps and sites.



ActivTrak, while offering screenshots capture, has a different approach to employee monitoring. The screenshots are taken at regular intervals to show managers what teams are working on.

On the downside, screenshots on ActivTrak show the entire details of the screen. As a manager, is it necessary to view every employee detail, including personal matters? This can cause friction among workers due to a lack of privacy.

Keep in mind that ActivTrak is invisible to users by default. It's not included in the programs list, nor does it create a startup icon on the user’s desktop. The tool is not even recognizable from the Task Manager. It's best to let employees know they are being monitored to ensure ethical tracking.

Apps and Websites Usage Tracking

With ActivTrak, you can view a summary of your employees’ work patterns, including the most accessed apps and sites. The tool also reports on the date and time spent on each activity.

Apps and websites are categorized by type, and as productive or unproductive. You can filter the summaries of daily, weekly, and monthly time spent by app or category to get a clear insight on time usage.

Productivity Management


Real-Time Activity Tracking

Traqq monitors activity levels and displays the data in ten-minute blocks. It registers keyboard movements and mouse clicks and scrolls on your screen for accurate activity tracking.

Any inactive period is shown as gaps in your timeline, viewable on the Activity tab. The green color shows high activity levels, yellow indicates normal activity, and red signifies low or no activity.

The different colors help speed up timesheet reviews into each team member’s performance and productivity potentials. You can use the data to identify overperforming and underperforming employees. This way, you can address issues like burnout and habitual absenteeism.

Traqq time tracker can track activity and capture screenshots even when you're offline. The data will be synced to your online account the instant you get back online.


Activity Log

Activity Log on ActivTrak records everything your team does, from URLs and applications used to log-in/log-out entries and passive time. Users can use the various filter options to view the activities of specific users, groups, computers, and periods of time.

ActivTrak also lets you identify over- and under-utilized team members via the Workload Management feature. This way, you can find ways to balance the tasks among the employees.

You can also compare the overall working hours versus the total productive and focused hours and review work efficiency.

Reports and Timesheets


You’ll like Traqq’s simplified, yet powerful reporting feature that can help you discover valuable insights more broadly across distributed team members.

Traqq lets you generate the following reports:

  • Weekly Summary – Shows your personal or your team’s overall performance for the specified week.
  • Time and Activity – Indicates your personal or your team’s activity levels and the total hours worked.
  • Apps and Websites – Reveals individual and team application and website usage for the selected period.
  • Manual Time Adjustments – Shows how much time was manually added during the selected period.
  • Amounts Earned – Shares a summary of amounts earned by you or your team during the given period.

The reports on Traqq are generated automatically and updated for all users’ daily activity. You can filter reports by time period, people, and group for a personalized analysis.

Once generated, you can share reports in CSV or PDF file formats by emailing concerned parties directly from the app. Meanwhile, you can also save the reports to your computer for future review.


ActivTrak gives you access to multiple reports to help you view business metrics to understand how your team works.

You can view the following reports:

  • Top Users – Shows your top-performing users, total hours worked, and level of productivity.
  • Productivity – Reveals the total time spent on productive and unproductive activities.
  • Working Hours – Indicates the user’s first and last activity for each day and displays an overview of their daily activity.
  • Top Websites – Gives a view of all websites a user visited and for how long.
  • Top Applications – Shows you which workstation-based applications were accessed by your teams and how much time was spent on each item.
  • Top Categories – Lets you view the total time spent on specific tasks or projects.
  • Activity Log – Display everything your team has been doing on their devices during working hours.

These reports can help you measure and optimize your team's productivity potential.

To Sum Up…


Choose Traqq to monitor your own or your team’s performance and productivity. This tool ensures efficient time management.


Choose ActivTrak to restrict website usage and monitor unauthorized file sharing.

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