100% Free Time Doctor Alternative

100% Free Time Doctor Alternative

As the world quickly shifts to the digital platform, more and more people are embracing the work-from-home model. Whether you work as a freelancer or you manage a team, you know this system can create lots of organization and collaboration complications. However, thanks to time tracking and project management apps, people can work together and communicate seamlessly.

The problem is how to choose an effective time tracking and employee monitoring software for yourself or your company. Today, we compare Traqq vs. Time Doctor, two of the most effective time management solutions for individuals and teams.

While Time Doctor covers a broad range of categories, including project management, it may not fit everyone. If you are looking for a Time Doctor alternative, check out Traqq. It has a simple, nicely designed interface and is packed with features suitable for any freelancer or team.

Our article offers an unbiased analysis to help you make an informed choice. We also tell you why you should choose Traqq as the best free Time Doctor alternative.


All the information provided in this article is published in good faith and for educational purposes only. We do not intend to imply that one product is worse than the other. The information is objective, well-researched, and unbiased to help you choose the right software for your needs. Traqq Inc. releases itself from any liabilities that errors, unintentional omissions, inaccuracy, and incompleteness in the content may incur.

Traqq is a comprehensive time tracking and employee monitoring app with all the features you need to help you work more efficiently. It lets you track your distributed employees and monitor their progress without nagging them.

Traqq is also a productivity tracking app that collects data on how teams are performing and which most-used apps and websites. This way, you can detect underperforming workers and get to the root of the problem.

The most notable features of Traqq include:

  • Ethical employee monitoring
  • Time tracking
  • Full offline mode
  • Apps and websites monitoring
  • Detailed reporting
  • Activity tracking

Traqq is the most reliable alternative to Time Doctor, particularly when it comes to ethical employee monitoring. It also offers more value for your money, with its free plan that gives users access to all premium features.

Time Doctor: A Brief Overview

Time Doctor is a time tracking and project management software for remote and in-office teams. It logs employees’ time to show you what they have been working on during work hours. It also monitors their performance so you can identify time wasters and find ways to improve work efficiency.

Users can create a client-based system, so customers can monitor project progress, screenshots, and productivity reports.

Some of the most notable features of Time Doctor include:

  • Time tracking
  • Employee monitoring
  • Project management
  • Budgeting
  • Website and app monitoring

Traqq Vs. Time Doctor: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Time Doctor Vs. Traqq: A Detailed Feature Comparison

Time Tracking

Traqq – The Best Time Doctor Alternative

Manual Time Tracking

Traqq is easy to install and use. It comes with a lightweight desktop app that simplifies time tracking. Once installed, all you have to do is click Start on Traqq’s taskbar widget.

The app runs discreetly in the background, automatically logging all the hours worked. When taking a break or after completing your tasks, click Stop to stop recording time.

With Traqq, you don’t have to worry about lost time since it accurately captures every second of your work. You can then view the breakdown of activities on the timeline, including your most and least active hours.

Idle Time Detection and Smart Alerts

Desktop notifications can be distracting. However, Traqq lets you select the type of notifications you want to be displayed. For example, you can choose to have the app notify you of every hour worked so you can keep track of your progress.

Moreover, the app will alert you if it doesn’t detect activity while the tracker is on. Likewise, if you start working and forget to turn the time tracker on, you will get a reminder. You can also choose if you want the app to notify you when screenshots are taken and whether you want the alerts to have sound.

Add Time Manually

The feature to add or edit time manually is crucial since it allows users to take into account all the time spent working, even on the field. Adjusting time on Traqq is simple. Select the option to add time, specify the date and period you want to be added, and provide a mandatory brief explanation for the time adjustment.

Click Save to update your reports and invoices with the additional time.

Time Doctor

Manual Time Tracking

Unlike Traqq, you must create a task to start tracking time on Time Doctor. When you press Play, it will automatically start logging your hours and monitor your behavior while working. As an administrator, you can create tasks and assign them to your staff who only need to click Play to start recording.

Admins can view the total hours spent by employees on the assigned tasks via the dashboard. Users can also track breaks and time spent away from the computer.

Idle Time Detection and Notifications

Time Doctor notifies users when it detects inactivity while the tracker is running. You may have been distracted by a call or something else, and the alert will help you get back on track. If the idle time is prolonged, then the system is automatically put on a break.

Add Time Manually

Time Doctor, like Traqq, allows you to add a block of time to your timeline manually. You can do so by selecting the time block under Edit Time, adjusting the start and end times, and providing an optional reason for the edit.

Employee Monitoring

Traqq – The Best Time Doctor Alternative for Ethical Employee Monitoring

Employee tracking needs to be approached carefully to avoid making your workers feel like they are being spied on. Traqq promotes ethical monitoring by ensuring the user’s privacy stays protected.

Automated Screenshots and Video Recordings

Traqq is programmed to take screenshots at random, every ten minutes. Even so, the images are blurred by default to give the employer an idea of what teams are working on while hiding sensitive information.

Video clips are taken at 10-second intervals, and like screenshots, are intentionally blurred. This feature gives employees peace of mind knowing their passwords won't be exposed and their supervisors won't read their private messages.

Users are at liberty to remove the screenshots from their timelines. However, doing so also erases the corresponding time attached to the screenshot. Each screenshot corresponds to a 10-minute time interval, meaning if you delete five screenshots, you lose 50 minutes of your tracked time.

One of the reasons Traqq is an excellent free Time Doctor alternative is that it gives users more control of their accounts. Account owners on Time Doctor choose whether team members can add time manually and delete screenshots.

Traqq, on the other hand, lets users add time and provide a mandatory reason. They can decide what they want to do with their screenshots.

Apps and Websites Monitoring

With distributed teams, managers can't really tell what an employee is doing on company time. The ability to monitor the apps and websites they use often gives the manager a rough idea of what they spent most of their time on.

Traqq offers automated web and app tracking and records the apps and websites you spend more than ten seconds on. It then displays the report on a neat, easy-to-read pie chart. To make analyzing the chart even easier, the data is presented as a percentage.

Any app or website you spend less than ten seconds on is reported under ‘Other’ on the Apps and Websites page.

The time tracker doesn't track browser activity but gives you details like the actual URL of the website and the applications used. It also reports how long each website or app was accessed.

Important tip: Traqq works offline, and as long as the tracker is running, it will record the screenshots, activity levels, and apps and websites usage.

Time Doctor

Automated Screenshots and Videos

Time Doctor lets you set a time interval at which screenshots will be taken. As for the videos, it records a continuous video of the user’s screen, which is broken down into three-minute chunks.

Note that the blur feature is not enabled by default, and managers can allow it for certain employees or the entire team. Meanwhile, Traqq blurs screenshots for all users by default, and there’s no option to blur only the screenshots of a few users. This makes everyone on the team feel safe.

Apps and Websites Monitoring

Time Doctor monitors websites and applications usage and displays how company time is spent. It also captures the URL of the websites, applications opened, and the total time spent on each.

Managers can choose one of four options, depending on the level of detail they want to see:

  • Off: This disables the app or website tracker.
  • Basic: This allows you to see the application name and the URL of the website.
  • Extended: This option displays the full URL of the website, page titles, and app window titles.
  • Custom: This shows the details of the Extended option, but allows users to specify

Timesheets and Reports


Traqq time tracker offers simple, yet powerful reporting that shows only the necessary details. Reports are generated and updated automatically for all users’ daily activities.

The system offers five categories of reporting:

  • Weekly Summary – This displays a summary of the overall performance of an individual or a team for the selected week.
  • Time and Activity – This shows a detailed analysis of the activity levels and the amount of time you or your team worked over the selected week.
  • Apps and Websites – This displays all the apps and websites you or your team used and how much time was spent on each.
  • Manual Time Adjustment – This shows how much time was manually added during the period you select.
  • Amounts Earned – These reports capture the amounts earned by you or your team over the specified period.

You can filter reports by individual, group, or period, making them even easier to access. Users can share the reports with clients, team members, or anyone else via emails or store them in PDF or CSV file formats for future reference.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers users access to eight different types of reports. These are:

  • Dashboard – This displays the current user’s working status, the sum of hours worked for the day/week, and the time each user worked. You can also view the tasks being tackled and for how long.
  • Timesheet Report – This illustrates the total amount of time for each user for the selected day/week.
  • Time Use Report – This shows the total time worked by an individual or team and the amount of time spent on each task.
  • Timeline Report – This lets you view details about the activity for each team member for the selected period.
  • Poor Time Use Report – This displays how much time your staff spent on non-work-related websites.
  • Web and App Use Report – This lists down all the applications and websites your team accessed while working.
  • Projects Report – This displays how much time was spent on different projects and who they were assigned to.
  • Attendance Project – This shows attendee details, like who was present or began work late.

Like Traqq, users can also download the reports as PDF or CSV files to access them later. The app is one of the few Time Doctor alternatives that offer simplicity when it comes to reporting. You only get the information that really matters instead of too many complex details.

Pricing Plans


Traqq shines when it comes to pricing, with all users getting access to premium features, regardless of the plan, including the free tier. Individuals or teams of less than three users can start using Traqq right away without subscribing to any plan.

They can use the app to track time, generate reports, and monitor employees, without any charges for as long as they want. They only start paying when they expand their teams.

Here’s a summary of Traqq’s pricing plans:

  • Premium Starter – Free for up to three users
  • Premium Teams - $6 per seat, per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing to match your needs

Time Doctor

Time Doctor limits its features, depending on the plan you’ve subscribed to. The Premium tier is the most comprehensive, offering users access to all its features, including video screen captures. Here’s a breakdown of its plans:

  • Basic - $7 per user, per month
  • Standard - $10 per user, per month
  • Premium - $20 per user, per month

Time Doctor Vs. Traqq: Choosing the Best Time Tracking Software for You

Choose Traqq, the best Time Doctor alternative, if you want:

  • Ethical employee monitoring
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simplified reporting
  • Free time tracking and employee monitoring features forever

Choose Time Doctor if you want:

  • Basic project management features
  • To monitor employee attendance
  • An app that supports third-party integrations

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