Best Toggl Time Tracker Alternative

Toggl Vs. Traqq. Which One is the Best Time Tracking App for You?

Whether you freelance or you manage a team, time tracking is critical to successful operations. An effective system will empower you and your team to collaborate with ease and perform better. It also offers an efficient way to keep tabs on productivity and your organization's overall performance.

If you’re looking for time tracking software, you’ve probably come across Toggl Track. It offers time, task, and cost tracking features. However, if you want to monitor how employees really spend company time and track productivity, Traqq is a free Toggl alternative.

With screenshots taken at intervals, plus simplified time tracking, employees become accountable and the working process becomes more transparent.

Both Toggl and Traqq offer unique features to help make the process effective and efficient. If you’re in a dilemma, not knowing which one to choose, keep reading this article. We compare two of the best time tracking software on the market today. By the end of this post, we’d have convinced you that Traqq is the best Toggl alternative.


All the information provided in this article is published in good faith and for comparison purposes only. We do not intend to imply that our product is better than other time trackers in the marketplace. The information is objective, well-researched, and unbiased to help you decide the right software for your business. While Traqq strives to make the information as accurate as possible, liability for errors, omissions, accuracy, and completeness of the contents are expressly disclaimed.

In this article, we cover:

What Is Traqq?

Toggl alternatives

Traqq is a robust time tracking app for individuals and teams, both local and remote. It's suitable for teams of all sizes and is a big proponent of ethical employee monitoring. Traqq is designed to help organizations monitor and analyze worker performance and productivity levels.

What’s more, it makes time and employee management a less painful process while ensuring team transparency.

With Traqq, you can:

  • Track employee hours across multiple projects
  • Check the progress of each employee in detailed timesheets
  • Identify the apps and websites team members are spending the most time on
  • Receive alerts when you start working without turning on the time tracker
  • Get a summary of your employees’ activity levels for a given period for ease of analysis

What Is Toggl?

Traqq vs Toggl

Toggl Track is a time tracking tool that helps teams and freelancers stay organized. It lets you monitor project revenue and alerts you when you’re about to reach your budget limits.

The time tracker is suitable for freelancers who use tools like Asana, GitHub, and Jira to manage their teams and projects.

With Toggl, you can:

  • Integrate with multiple project management apps
  • Manage your team members and check their work progress
  • Track time across multiple devices
  • Get weekly reports on team performance

Toggl vs. Traqq: Side by Side Feature Comparison

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Choosing the Best Free Toggl Alternative

Here’s a detailed Traqq vs. Toggl comparison, focusing on the best features of each time tracking app.

Time Tracking


Automatic/Manual Time Tracking

Automatic/Manual Time Tracking

If you want simplicity, accuracy, and convenience, Traqq provides unlimited time tracking features. For starters, it lets you log hours manually and automatically. Using Traqq is simple:

  • You first need to install Traqq on your computer. The process is quick and it starts by registering your account. After verifying your email, proceed to download and install the Traqq desktop app.
  • Once installed, fill in your login details to log in to the desktop app.
  • To create your work hour log, simply click on Start on Traqq’s widget on your taskbar or via the online dashboard. Click on Stop to take a break or end your day.
  • To configure Traqq, go to Settings and choose your preferences. You can set the app to send you notifications when you forget to turn on the tracker while working. You can even configure it to notify you of activity tracked every hour.

Manual Time Adjustment

As one of the best Toggl alternatives Traqq ensures accurate time records. If you work in the field or have a client meeting scheduled, Traqq lets you add time manually. You can give a brief explanation of the time adjustment.

If you manage a team, you can add as many as you want using the “Invite people” option. You can group them based on projects, clients, or departments. After adding people and creating groups, you can see how they are spending their time through Traqq’s dashboard.

Offline Time Tracking

With Traqq, you don’t have to worry about losing data when you don’t have an internet connection. The tracker works offline, ensuring you stay on top of your activities. When you get back online, all your logged hours, screenshots, and activity reports will be synchronized with your Traqq account.

Idle Time Detection

If the tracker detects activity while it's turned off, it will nudge you to turn it on. Likewise, if it detects idle time while the tracker is running, you get a reminder to turn it off. This ensures accurate work hour recording for accurate payments.


Automatic Time Tracking

Toggl - Time tracking

Toggl time tracker automates time tracking, which is triggered every time you start using specific software that you’ve preset. The timer runs in the background while allowing you to view how much time you have been working on your tasks.

You must manually stop the timer when taking a break or at the end of your work shift.

Idle Time Detection

The tool also reminds you to pause or clock out if it detects no activity. Every 25 minutes, you get a reminder to take a Pomodoro break to prevent worker fatigue.

Employee Monitoring and Management


While Traqq is one of the best alternatives to Toggl for time tracking, it is also a powerful employee monitoring tool. The app keeps an accurate record of all processes being undertaken, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

By seeing what teams are working on, you can distribute work fairly. This helps to avoid overworking individuals, which is the leading cause of employee absenteeism.

Traqq’s top monitoring features include:

Screenshots and Screen Recordings

Traqq - Screenshots and Screen Recordings

The thing with distributed teams is that there’s no telling what they are actually working on. Unless, of course, you have a system that records their progress every step of the way. Traqq is set to capture screenshots of the user’s desktop automatically and randomly, every ten minutes.

These screenshots are useful in measuring your team’s ongoing activities and overall productivity. They also ensure employees follow company policies and minimize time wastage.

Traqq is the best Toggl alternative that promotes ethical monitoring. So, people can rest easy knowing they are not being spied on. The screenshots are blurred to prevent sensitive information like passwords from becoming legible. This ensures that the employee’s privacy is protected.

Traqq starts taking screenshots as soon as the user clicks on Start on the time tracker. The screenshots can be viewed by opening the Activity tab under the Screenshots category.

Traqq also captures ten-second videos of user activities on the screen. The recordings are blurred as well but show the cursor movements across the user’s screen.

Traqq’s employee monitoring works in stealth mode, so workers are not distracted.

Apps and Website Tracking

Traqq - Apps and Website Tracking

Sure, the screenshots show that employees are working. However, wouldn’t you be interested to know if they are spending too much time on non-work-related stuff? Traqq’s website and app tracking displays a graphical presentation of where your employees spent their time.

The details are further broken down to show exactly how many minutes were spent on each app or website. As an employer, it's crucial to account for every minute to maximize your profits.

If there is too much time wastage, you can arrange a one-on-one chat with the concerned employees to determine their issues.


Toggl time tracker doesn't support screenshots and mostly focuses on time and task tracking.

Apps and Website Tracking

Toggl is configured to auto-track every app or website you use for more than ten seconds. You can then review the visual representation of how much time you spent on the app or website on the Timeline.

Reports and Timesheets

Performance reports show actionable insights into your team’s overall performance and productivity. The reports and timesheets make it easier for you to analyze and assess your team’s activity levels and adjust where needed.


Automatic Reports

Traqq - Automatic Reports

Traqq automatically generates and updates all users’ daily activities. The detailed reports show how teams performed and the revenue earned over a certain period.

The tool categorizes the reports into five levels for ease of analysis.

  • Weekly Summary lets you generate your personal or team’s overall activity levels. You can use such data to compare performance over the weeks to determine overall workforce progress.
  • Time and Activity shows the activity levels and the amount of time you or your team worked on projects.
  • Apps & Websites lets you view a list of apps and websites used over a selected period. This information can help you identify the common time wasters and do something about them.
  • Manual Time Adjustments generates a report of how much time was manually added during a given time. If teams work on the field a lot, these manual adjustments allow them to record all work hours.
  • Amounts Earned generates reports showing the total amount of money earned by you or your team during the selected period. The data can also prove useful when comparing your weekly or monthly revenue.

In each category, you can filter reports by people or groups and download them in the .csv and .pdf formats. You can then share the reports with clients, making accountability easy.


Automatic Reports

Toggl - Automatic Reports

Toggl Track also automatically generates reports to help you view who worked on what and how long it took to complete a task/project. You can also generate a weekly summary to get insights into how much revenue was generated over the week.

Here are some of its categories:

  • Summary Report gives a wider perspective of tracked time for various tasks.
  • Detailed Report presents a detailed view of an individual’s or team’s entries over a given period. You can filter the reports by client, project, team, task, or billable hours.
  • Weekly Report generates a weekly report of how much time was tracked over the past week.

Toggl lets you save the reports as PDFs or CSVs so you can share them with clients.

Productivity Tracking

Using a daily activities tracker can help you eliminate time wasters, become more organized, get more things done, and record proof of work. At the end of the day, you can easily track your productivity and analyze how you spend your work hours.


Accurate Activity Tracking

Traqq is also the ideal Toggl Track alternative for calculating activity levels based on mouse clicks and scrolls as well as your keyboard strokes. It is equipped with an anti-cheating algorithm that detects and nullifies power clicks and redundant mouse movements to eliminate discrepancies.

The timelines promote easy visualization using distinct colors to denote different activity levels. Green signifies high activity, yellow - normal activity, and red - low activity. The graphical presentation allows you to quickly check activity levels throughout the working hours.

With every minute captured, you don’t have to worry about payroll processing. The Amounts Earned report automatically calculates the total amount earned over a selected period, based on the hourly rate.

Track a Large Team with Ease

As your business grows, keeping track of your employees’ productivity can be complicated, but not with Traqq. Adding members is a breeze, plus you can group them into various categories for simple tracking.

You can generate activity reports for each individual or the team for your own analysis.


View Profit Projection and Revenue Tracking

The Team dashboard allows you to see the most active employees of the week and assess their workloads. Toggl, like Traqq, records the total number of hours worked to help you understand how long projects take to complete.

It shows profitability projections, earnings per client, and ROI insights. It also automates sending email reminders to employees to log hours. This ensures seamless reporting and accurate billing.

In Conclusion…

Traqq is right for you if you:

  • Are looking for a Toggl plan alternative that offers simple and efficient time tracking and employee monitoring
  • Want to promote transparency among employees
  • Need to track performance and productivity to the last minute
  • Need to boost overall employees’ productivity
  • Are searching for a Toggl free alternative for smaller teams

Toggl is right for you if you:

  • Need an app that integrates with project management tools
  • Want to track tasks and projects of your teams
  • Want to manage project budgets and revenues

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