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Step 1

Click on your Traqq icon in the taskbar and select Preferences/Settings.

Step 2

Go to the notifications tab to adjust desktop notifications.

Step 3

To get notified on the tracker’s activity status, select 'Notify when tracking is started or stopped'.

Step 4

To get notified on random screenshot captures, select 'Notify when the screen is captured'.

Step 5

To get notified on every tracked hour, select 'Notify of tracked time every hour'.

Step 6

To get notified on break times, select 'Remind me to take a break when I worked non-stop for X hours'. You can customize the hours.

Step 7

To get notified on idle time, select 'Notify if I’m idle for X minutes'. You can customize the minutes.

Step 8

To get notified for turning on your tracker during work hours, select 'Notify if I’ve been active with timer off for X minutes'. You can customize the minutes.

 Step 9

Choose the working days and hours for the reminder to be active.

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