Scheduled Reports

Step 1

Generate your report by selecting the people and time period for the report.

Step 2

Click on the Schedule report on the top-right corner.

Step 3

Write in the recipients of the scheduled report in the Email box.

Step 4

Select the format of your report.

Step 5

Select the reporting period.

Step 6

Select the email frequency. The Monthly and Weekly options give you different choices for which days of the week or the month for the emails to be sent out.

Step 7

Choose the scheduled time for the report.

Step 8

To edit or delete the scheduled reports, select the Scheduled Reports tab at the top-right corner of the report page.

Step 9

Hover the mouse cursor over the scheduled report, to enable the edit toggle on the right corner.

Step 10

Select the edit button to edit or delete the scheduled report.


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