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Scheduled Reports

Generate your report by selecting the people and time period for the report.

Step 1

Click on ‘Schedule report’ on the Reports tab. Here you can see the list of previously scheduled reports and create new ones by clicking on the ‘+Schedule report’ button.

Step 2

Choose the report type and view.

Step 3

Choose users or teams.

Step 4

Select the reporting period.

Step 5

Select the time zone to use for the report.

Step 6

Select the format of your report.

Step 7

Choose the time to schedule the report for and click on SAVE. Note that the report is created using the organization’s time zone.

Step 8

To edit scheduled reports, hover the mouse cursor over the scheduled report to enable the edit toggle in the right corner.

Step 9

To delete a scheduled report, check the box next to it and click on the Delete link that appears at the bottom of the page.


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