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How does Traqq work?

Tracking billable hours and activity is easy with Traqq. The time tracker works both online and offline via the Traqq desktop app, and syncs all your data when you have a good Internet connection.

Screenshots and screen recordings can be enabled or disabled by the account owner and are taken in the background with no distraction to ongoing work. The quality of collected screenshots and video clips is intentionally blurred to the extent that would prevent sensitive and personal information (such as private messages or passwords) from being visible. However, you can still get a good idea of the employee’s activity.

Traqq lets you monitor typing and clicking for accurate activity stats and a good insight into your team’s productivity. With the App and Website Monitoring feature, managers can find out what apps or websites employees use over their workday.

You can add people to teams, give them different access rights and easily create various reports to build a full picture of team performance. There is also the option to edit the recorded time if you forget to turn the tracker on/off or encounter unexpected circumstances.

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