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Roles and Permissions

Traqq supports 4 administrator levels with different access rights and monitoring options. They are:

Users: can view/manage personal activity and account
Manager: can view/manage personal activity and account + view activity of all Users in assigned groups.
Admins: Have access to organization settings and can view/manage activity and accounts of all Managers and Users.
Owners: Have global organization permissions and access to every Admin, Manager and User.

Step 1

If you are an Admin or Owner, you can assign your teammates’ roles when inviting them:

Step 2

If you have already invited your team, you can change their roles by clicking on the Edit icon (the pen icon) next to the person’s name, and proceeding to edit.

In the Edit User window, click on the ‘Role’ dropdown menu to expand the options. When you select a role, its description will be shown in a yellow box below.

Select the new role for the user.

Then, save the changes.