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How to Build an Amazing Work Schedule for Your Company

Are you tasked with establishing a work schedule for your team? Then you are one of the most important people in your company. “Why?” you might ask. You directly impact employee productivity and efficiency. This might sound terrifying, but you are responsible for helping workers juggle competing priorities, as they try to balance their wellbeing, […]

Build Your Referent Power and Become a Better Leader

Employees are the foundation of any successful business. However, it takes great leadership to ensure that they remain productive, healthy, and engaged.  According to DDI’s Frontline Leader Project, 57% of workers leave their job because of their managers. Indeed, it’s important to have a leader who can inspire healthy collaboration among employees.  Companies must develop […]

Improve Work Efficiency in 11 Easy Steps

How many days a week do you walk away from work whistling, knowing that you managed to accomplish your daily targets? Not only that but that you were able to do your tasks efficiently? Research by the Harvard Business Review found that 41 percent of knowledge workers spent most of their time on non-value-added tasks. […]

Operational Efficiency: Your Ultimate Guide

Any company that wants to remain competitive in the business world must strive to improve its operational efficiency. In a recent study published by PWC, CEOs were asked which activities they were planning in the next 12 months to drive revenue growth. 77 percent cited operational efficiency. This shows that whether you deal in marketing, […]

20 Business Etiquette Rules for Professionals

Etiquette goes beyond knowing which fork to use for the salad or sending ‘thank you’ notes. When it comes to business etiquette rules, there’s a set of behaviors that shows your level of professionalism. A minor misstep may not seem like much, but it can affect your career more than you expect. Indeed, learning about […]

10 Team Meeting Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged

Meetings are critical to every organization’s decision-making process. In addition, they can make or break employee engagement, which is vital to growth and sustainability. Consider a Gallup study’s report that companies with highly engaged workers are 23% more profitable than others. Conversely, another survey found that 74% of actively disengaged workers are looking for employment […]

Tired of Working? 10 Tips to Overcome Fatigue

It’s only natural to get into a food coma after you’ve eaten your lunch. However, do you often find yourself losing focus? Instead of feeling energized after taking a break, you end up feeling tired of working. Work fatigue goes beyond physical exhaustion—it’s being mentally drained. When this happens, your energy levels drop along with […]

Employee Handbook: How to Write One from Scratch

A survey by Gusto revealed that 87 percent of mid-sized businesses have employee handbooks. That poses a question: Why are businesses interested in having this document? For several reasons. It covers a wealth of information, including compliance policies, company values, and vision. It can help promote a positive workplace culture and shield you and your […]

Free Monthly Timesheet Templates (includes User Guide)

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, organizations are required to keep records of their employees’ work hours. While the regulations apply to everybody, in most states, companies have the freedom to choose what type of monthly timesheet template and method to use. For instance, Workforce’s 2021 survey reported that 10% of U.S. businesses prefer manual […]

Hours Time Tracking vs Traqq

Freelancers, contractors, consultants, and others who rely on time tracking software to keep tabs on their projects and clients have better control of their workflows. While Hours Time Tracking helps you or your teammates monitor time spent on projects and tasks, it might not be a good fit for everyone. The best time tracking app […]

4 Time Tracking Spreadsheet Templates for Free

Proper and accurate record-keeping is one of the regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. While there are various automated options, many companies still prefer using a time tracking spreadsheet. Employees can fill out an Excel file or a Google Sheet each day, and their accounting department will collate the data for payroll. There are […]

20 Team Building Activities for Remote & On-site Teams

According to a Harvard Business Review report, people at high-trust companies report 74 percent less stress and 50 percent higher productivity at work. Employees are also 106 percent more energetic and 76 percent more engaged. One way to build trust is by encouraging workers to socialize, and nothing works better than team building activities. These […]

10 Best Time Clock Apps in 2022

We bet you’re going to be upset once you find out how much your company is losing from employee time theft. Well, buddy punching, cyberslacking, and other time-wasting practices are costing businesses $11 billion every year—that’s according to a QuickBooks survey. The truth is this problem can be alleviated by using a time clock app. […]

15 Best TimeKeeping Software & Apps in 2022

According to a Market Research Future report, U.S. companies lose 50 million hours’ worth of work hours due to undocumented unproductive activities. Businesses understand this issue, which is why Deloitte reports that at least 80% use one type of attendance tracking system, including timekeeping software. However, most of the timekeeping methods these days are inefficient. […]