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Kanban Project Management: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Remote Team

Effective project management in a virtual workplace requires a smart approach. There are different management systems geared at helping team heads to develop efficient workflows and execution plans. Kanban project management methodology is one of them. It is a collaborative, non-disruptive, transparent, and flexible solution. It allows managers to organize and oversee project progress more […]

How to Make Precise Time Estimations in Project Management

You probably know that working on a “quick” task may end up taking your entire day. You may have the best intentions when you start. However, it’s human nature to be awful at estimating how long a task can take. Now, if you’re a project manager, it is your responsibility to budget time and expenses […]

Long-Term Planning vs. Short- and Medium-Term Planning

We live in a world of rapidly changing economic and business environments. To survive in such a highly competitive market economy, you need to think strategically and tactically. That’s where setting goals comes in. However, you can’t make goals and objectives without a plan. Planning is essential to achieving short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. It […]

How to Assign Tasks to Team Members

Productivity is the ultimate aim of every task. This is why we dedicate so much time and effort to measuring how efficient we are. Even so, there is a limit to how far one person can go on any task. For more people, most of the time, things can be done easier and faster. However, […]

10 Management Techniques to Effectively Supervise Your Team

The proper management strategy guarantees employee satisfaction and productivity. It also affects a business’s profit margin. Nobody wants to work in an environment that does not inspire people to reach greater heights. This is why companies with poor management strategies suffer the worst employee turnover. Managers have to employ unique methods to bring out the […]

14 Key Areas of Improvement for Managers (with Examples)

Increasing productivity, revenue, and profits are any company’s topmost vision and mission. All that is achievable only when there’s good leadership. That’s why as a manager, you need to consistently self-reflect to identify and work on areas of weaknesses and strengths. Now, how do you become a better manager? That’s the million-dollar question and one […]

Timeboxing: What It Is and How to Take Advantage of it

Why are there only 24 hours in a day? Why can’t we have a few extra hours? These are questions that we ask all the time. The problem is not time itself but the number of tasks that we try to do. How we use these hours to study, work, play, and sleep affect the […]

What Are the Qualities of a Good Employee?

There’s no question that every employer wants a dedicated staff, regardless of the industry. A great team will ensure you fulfil your mission by doing their work with passion, dedication, and precision – every single day. Any entrepreneur will attest to the fact that having the best employees is the greatest asset for the entire […]

How to Calculate Commission of Different Types

A Paychex survey reveals that around 70% of employees leave their job because of low salaries. So, pay is not something companies should mess around with. Money matters to any type of worker, including those in the sales industry. For example, when My Indo Airlines lowered sales commissions, agents became disengaged. Consequently, sales went down […]

How to Create a Hybrid Work Schedule

We don’t have to work from home forever. If you’ve been considering the move, you’ve no doubt heard about the many pros of remote work. It saves cost, encourages flexibility and autonomy, and allows workers to do their jobs with fewer disruptions. In fact, many studies have shown that, with the right tools, telecommuting can […]

8 Ways to Promote Teamwork in the Workplace

The workplace is where people come together to perform profitable tasks. The idea of teamwork is thus directly embedded in the office. The moving parts in an office are expected to come together to achieve a common goal.  Yet, teamwork doesn’t happen just because everyone has the same employer. People and situations at work might […]

Automate Timesheet Reminders for Your Employees

Delayed paychecks can have a ripple effect on your business. The psychological toll of not meeting financial obligations could throw your employees off-balance, causing work-related problems. A 2017 PWC employee wellness survey showed that personal finances distract about one in three employees at work. According to Career Builder, 71% of workers say they’re in debt. […]

Prevent Overworking and Breakdown in 5 Simple Steps

Dedication, hard work, and technology have made up a potent recipe for burnout in today’s work life. Competition and career-building are motivating employees and entrepreneurs to put in extra hours their bodies can barely handle. While some projects require more than the usual workload, commitment shouldn’t come at the cost of one’s health. After all, […]

What Is Full-Time Equivalent and How Do You Calculate It?

If you’ve been managing employees for some time, you’ve likely come across the term “full-time equivalent”. Perhaps you encountered it while you were getting details about the Paycheck Protection Program loan. On the other hand, you may be wondering if your company is required to provide health insurance according to the regulations of the Affordable […]