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15 Employee Time Tracking Apps & Tools in 2022

Research indicates that nearly 90 percent of employees admit to wasting time at work every day. Thirty-one percent waste around 30 minutes, but more than one-fourth waste two to three hours each day. This extrapolates to more than 15 hours per week of wasted productivity. So, what’s the solution? Micromanaging employees? Definitely, not. The best […]

Employee Monitoring: The Ultimate 2022 Guide

Even before the pandemic, employee monitoring has been on an upward trend. However, when lockdowns necessitated remote work, the practice became widespread. According to a 2021 Top10VPN survey, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a 54% increase in the demand for employee monitoring software. Despite being widely popular, tracking workers is still frowned […]

20 Employee Monitoring Software [2022 Updated List]

On average, an employee spends 2 hours and 53 minutes a day genuinely on productive work, according to the VoucherCloud survey. Most people use billable time to check their social media accounts, read news websites, or chat with colleagues.  Naturally, there’s always been some mistrust between managers and workers. So, to ensure accountability, many companies […]

5 Personal Time Tracking Apps of 2022

According to an study, 70% of freelancers handle two to four projects at a time. So, using a personal time tracking app while working will ensure accurate, time-efficient, and cost-effective billings. Here’s the thing. Some time tracking apps offer more functionalities and features than others. Your choice will depend on several factors, like your […]

Why You Need Staff Tracker Tools for Remote Employees & Teams

As a manager, getting everyone to log their time can sometimes feel overly complicated and cumbersome. This is particularly true if you’re doing manual timesheets, where cases of time theft, dishonesty, and excessive overtime can be rampant. That’s why staff tracking systems are important. A staff tracker will help your organization keep a precise record […]

15 Project Time Tracking Software & Tools

When working with remote teams, managing a project efficiently is no walk in the park. What you need is convenience, streamlined workflows, accuracy, and efficiency. None of these are possible without the right project time tracking software. As a manager, you must track time spent on projects, not only for accurate billing but also for […]

10 Best Time Clock for Work

According to a Quickbooks survey, one in four employees receive their paycheck with errors. This information is quite alarming. After all, a Kronos study found that 49% of workers will start looking for new jobs after experiencing just two payroll errors. Indeed, it is a company’s responsibility that employees get paid accurately and on time. […]

The Future of Outsourcing As We See It in 2022

According to Grand View Research, the global business process outsourcing market’s value was $245.91 billion in 2021. With a CAGR of 8.5%, its revenue is forecasted to reach $435.89 billion in 2028. Evidently, there’s a continuing megatrend of investing in outsourcing. Meanwhile, a 2021 survey from revealed that eight in ten small businesses had […]

Time Keeping: Why You Need it and The Best Apps to Track Your Time

Whether you’re running a small, medium, or large business, time is valuable in everything you do. That’s why timekeeping is an essential part of your organization’s work process. However, all this cannot be possible without the right timekeeping app. Such a tool makes it easier to keep track of employees’ clock in and clock out […]

50 Best Remote Work Software & Tools

Investing in the right remote software is the key to success, whether your teams are in-house or off-site. The global pandemic completely changed the way we work and the demand for flexibility is at its highest level. By mid-2021, just a third of companies said they’d go back to working in the office, with the […]

15 The Best Work Time Trackers in 2022

According to Market Research Future, the global time tracking software market is expected to register a CAGR of 20.69% by 2027.  Indeed, using a work time tracker will continue to be essential for businesses. With the workforce evolving, so does the need to monitor billable time. It helps in managing budgets, organizing tasks, and monitoring […]

15 Time Tracking Apps for Freelancers in 2022

You’re probably reading this article because you’ve joined the freelancing bandwagon. We won’t judge you for jumping off the corporate ship because a lot of people find the setup favorable too. According to Statista research, the global gig economy is projected to grow to $455.2 billion by 2023. However, any freelancer would tell you that […]

10 Online Staff Tracking Apps in 2022

Studies show that supervisors lose up to 11 hours each week moving from one work site to another. This is particularly true for companies where travel and transit are part of the business. It’s no wonder companies are investing in staff tracking technology to conveniently monitor their employee’s time and location. After all, you can’t […]

14 Amazing Employee Incentive Programs & Ideas

Every workplace is an ecosystem with a network of different working parts. Unlike machines, these functional parts are organic. Being organic means that their performance depends on certain factors. So, you need to formulate a strategy for effectively managing your workers and boosting productivity. Thankfully, employee incentive programs can change the workplace tangent and bring […]