15 Best Time Tracking Software for Mac in 2024

If your organization uses Apple computers, it’s essential to introduce your employees to the best time tracking app for Mac. These powerful time tracking programs are specifically designed to help remote workers and freelancers on macOS keep focus, improve timing, and start boosting project productivity.


Not all Mac time trackers are the same, and not all of them will perfectly suit your goals and team.

Adding a reliable and efficient time tracking software to your workspace can start transforming your daily working environment and help you set goals and achieve remarkable results, that would be impossible with manual tracking.

“Explore a curated list of the best tools available for tracking time on Mac devices, including features, compatibility, and user reviews. With Traqq’s intuitive interface and cross-platform compatibility, it stands out as an excellent choice for Mac users seeking seamless time tracking solutions.”

In this article, we have compiled a list and overview of the top-rated time tracking apps for your Mac, ensuring you have access to the most highly reviewed options bit better timing.

What to Look for in a Time Tracker?

  1. Make sure the time tracker is compatible with your macOS version to prevent any compatibility issues.
  2. If you use multiple devices, think about a time tracking app that smoothly syncs data across various platforms (Mac, iOS, etc.).
  3. Select Mac-native apps. These apps perform optimally on Mac computers and synchronize well with your other Apple devices.
  4. Verify if the time tracker can integrate with other tools you use, like project management software, calendars, or invoicing tools.

Overview: Best Time Tracking Apps for Mac

Time TrackerProsConsPrice
#1 Traqq

Try for free
Read review
Blurring of captured screenshots and video recordings
Free version with all Premium features
Timesheet generation
Detailed stats
Productivity reports
No integrations with third-party time tracking appsPremium Starter – $0 for up to three seats
Premium Teams – $6 per seat, per month
Enterprise – Contact the sales team to get a customized enterprise plan for teams of over 100 people

#2 Klok

Adobe AIR using to run the app
User-friendly interface
Offline working app
No updates in a while
No support for Linux
Single User License – $19.99
Three User License Pack – $56.97
Five User License Pack – $89.95
Ten User License Pack – $179.90
30 User License Pack – $479.70
Klokwork Team Console Single License – $99.99

#3 Timing
Colored timeline
Manual and automatic task categorization
Immediate support by team
Data is not synchronized automatically
Difficulties to get the rules to work correctly
Professional – $8.40 per user, per month
Expert – $11.40 per user, per month
Teams – $16.90 per user, per month

#4 OfficeTime
Easy to use time tracking app
Offline working app
User-friendly invoice and reporting tools
Weak support for integrations with other time apps
The app doesn’t come with project-based billing
Freelancer – $7 per month
Sunshine – $69 (one-time fee)
Business – $12 per user, per month

#5 Tyme
Attractive and user-friendly layout
Syncing timer data across various Apple devices
No channels for to store and submit bugs and errors
Unjustified price plans
Individual – $3.99 per month
Team – $3.99 per user, per month

Pricing plans with a perpetual license
Tracking app also supports Windows, Linux, and Unix
Tools for managing time and processing invoices
No support channelsStandalone (For individuals using a single computer)
Single User License
– $59
Annual Maintenance Fee – $29 and $19 (Extension)

Server (For individuals and teams using multiple computers)
Single User License – $89
Upgrade from Standalone to Server – $30
Annual Maintenance Fee – $59 and $39 (Extension)

Billings Pro
Easy to set up tracking
Customize details like tax configurations
Store and sync timer data across devices
Excellent support service
Volatile iOS appFreelance – $5 per user, per month
Professional – $10 per user, per month

Simple tracking interface
Store and filter reports according to projects, clients, and even job sites
No online knowledge base
Weak support service
Free to download
In-app purchases

Responsive and efficient user interface
Automatically syncing app
Custom Siri command support
Difficulties to navigate the user interface$17.99 (one-time fee)

Tracking billable hours no matter where you are
Setting time budgets for each task or project
Complicated reporting function
Difficulties to export and store data into an Excel file
The shortcut menu cannot be customized
1 Project – Free
10 Projects – $19 per month
30 Projects – $49 per month
60 Projects – $79 per month
Unlimited Projects – $149 per month

On the Job
Simple design
Easy to use
Customizing invoices easily and exporting as PDF files
A bit dated app’s interface
Weak support service
$39.95 (one-time fee)

Simple and user-friendly layout
Ideal task tracking option for freelancers
Ability to run several timers
Pomodoro timer
Confusing navigations for different options$5.99 (one-time fee)

User-friendly and highly professional task tracking interface
Tracking time for multiple projects
Converting hours into days
Limited options on free versionsFree to download
In-app purchases
FreshBooks Time TrackingUser-friendly tracking interface
Comprehensive invoicing and accounting features
No option to add and store notes about projectsLite – $7.50 per month
Plus – $12.50 per month
Premium – $25 per month
Select – Custom price for businesses with more complex needs

Time Sink
Showing how much time is spend on an app
Adding time manually
Generating productivity reports
Reaching to support only via email$5 – one-time fee

1. Traqq: Best Automatic Time Tracker Overall

Traqq time tracking software
Traqq time tracking software

Platforms: macOS, Windows, and Web Browsers

If you want to start getting detailed daily reports about your remote workers’ activities on screen without violating their privacy and running quietly in the background, then Traqq time tracking app is a great timing tool for you. This Mac time tracking software will help you measure and analyze the activity levels of your employees.

What’s more, it monitors what websites and apps they frequently use during the working day. It makes the time tracking process simpler creating an overview of on screen activities that take too much time and apps that hamper productivity. Besides, its stopwatch works both online and offline.

Traqq is one of the best employee time tracking apps for macOS, especially if you’re a freelancer or working remotely. 

Now, one of the arguments raised in a University of Virginia paper was whether employee monitoring can respect privacy. Unfortunately, a lot of time tracking apps have keyloggers that record keystrokes.

Other time tracking apps for your Mac even take screenshots without blurring the images, exposing private messages, passwords, and other sensitive information that appears on the user’s screen.

If you’re worried about spying, then Traqq is the right Mac tracking software for you. It’s a time tracking product that promotes ethical time tracking by blurring and compressing all the screenshots it takes. You won’t have to worry about it leaking your personal or sensitive data if it appears on your computer screen.

Screenshots of Employee Monitoring Software BLURRED pic

What’s more, it gives you freedom over what can be tracked. You can manually remove screenshots and recorded time if you feel they shouldn’t be included in the report. 

Meanwhile, business managers with admin-level access can remove the screenshot feature entirely if they think this information unnecessary. On the other hand, if they want to get deeper insights into their team’s project activities, the screen recording feature can help.

Traqq can take ten-second video recordings of the employee’s desktop. As a result, managers will have all the information about what an employee is doing at a given time.

There are many other great business benefits you can get from the Traqq time tracker on your Mac. So, it is a Mac time tracking software that will bring the best value for your money and help you manage your business more effectively.

Ideal for
Freelancers and companies managing remote employees will benefit from using Traqq’s ethical time tracking and reporting features.


  • Traqq time tracker intentionally reduces the quality of the captured screenshots and video recordings to an extent that would prevent sensitive information from becoming legible.
  • The free time tracking software version comes with all Premium features to use on your Mac.
  • It takes a few clicks to generate comprehensive timesheets, detailed timing stats, and detailed productivity reports every day.
  • Native Mac client 


  • As of this writing, Traqq does not offer integration features with third-party time tracking apps.


  • Premium Starter – $0 for up to three seats (comes with all Premium features)
  • Premium Teams – $6 per seat, per month
  • Enterprise – Contact the sales team to get a customized business plan for teams of over 100 people

What Users Have to Say:

“Easy to use, if there is any kind of bug, customer support answers the same or next day (they are located in Australia so that is reasonable). One or two clicks to do everything.”
““Traqq is still in development and could use a lot more integrations”.”

If you’re looking to just manually enter daily work times into timesheets, this time tracking spreadsheet template can be a huge help! Just get it for Google Sheets or download it for Excel and start using it for free.

2. Klok: Easy to Use Time Tracker

Klok - Time Tracking app for Mac
Source: https://getklok.com/

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, and Web Browsers

The creative types will appreciate the Klok time tracker for its visual timing display of the recorded time and tasks. It will help you set up the task panels according to multiple projects and clients for more efficient time management.

In a way, it is like the software version of Leslie Knope’s differently colored binders. You can export timesheets from Klok and generate detailed time reports. What’s more, if you need extended timing functionalities and features, you can start integrating the app with other Mac time trackers.

Ideal for
Small and large companies alike can use Klok to monitor the time spent on projects accurately.


  • You can use Adobe AIR to run the Klok software on most major desktop operating systems.
  • This time tracking app has an attractive and user-friendly tracking layout, which makes it an ideal Mac time tracker even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Klok also works offline, which can be useful when you need help to track task time and don’t have an internet connection.


  • Some claim that the time tracking app hasn’t been updated in a long time.
  • Adobe AIR dropped Linux, so you won’t get support for that operating system.


  • Single User License – $19.99
  • Three User License Pack – $56.97
  • Five User License Pack – $89.95
  • Ten User License Pack – $179.90
  • 30 User License Pack – $479.70
  • Klokwork Team Console Single License – $99.99

What Users Have to Say:

“Klok makes it very simple to track time spent on various tasks. I like that you can track multiple projects and pull up multiple reports for invoicing.”
“I wish there would be a toolbar widget available to quickly toggle your time on/off without opening the entire Klok window.”

3. Timing: Time Tracking App with Automatic Task Categorization

Timing - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://timingapp.com/

Platforms: Mac and Web Browsers

Timing is the right time tracking app for Mac owners who prefer digesting data in graphs. What sets this tool apart is that it doesn’t have an on/off timing switch. Instead, the program runs all day round the clock. It’s perfect for nitpickers who want to analyze everything they do on their Mac computers and other devices.

Once you open Timing, you will see everything that you’ve been doing. You can get into the project management details as much as you want. What’s more, the tool can help categorize your activities into groups, like Games or Web Browsing. You will have access to manual and automatic categorization. When you click a section, you will see how much time you spent every day on a specific application. You can then use this data to adjust your time management plan.

Ideal for
Timing is perfect for small creative agencies, freelancers, and individuals who want to record their work hours.


  • The colored timeline makes it easier to view the timesheet reports.
  • Timing has manual and automatic task categorization features.
  • You can expect immediate support if you have questions about the time tracking app.


  • Time tracking data is not synchronized automatically if you use two or more devices.
  • It can be difficult to set up the rules to work correctly on Mac.


  • Professional – $8.40 per user, per month
  • Expert – $11.40 per user, per month
  • Teams – $16.90 per user, per month

What Users Have to Say:

“It has this nice gamification feel to it, because it shows clearly how much time has been wasted, how long I worked and what’s my productivity score.”
“Lack of synchronization. When using two or more machines, all activities and projects are completely independent.”

4. OfficeTime

OfficeTime - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://www.officetime.net/

Platforms: macOS, iOS, Windows, and Web Browsers

Some people prefer nothing too big or extravagant when it comes to daily time tracking apps and timers for your Mac. If you want a Mac time tracking tool that has all the basic project management features you need, then consider getting OfficeTime. It comes with a robust set of features removing the need for manual tracking but not overwhelming users with additional functionality.

The time tool simplifies the whole task tracking process. All you need to do to start is click the top navigation bar on your Mac, select the project you want to work on, then start the timer. 

You don’t even have to open the OfficeTime app just to begin tracking your hours. If you need to switch to a different project or you want to take a break, you can open the menu and select the appropriate option.

Ideal for
Small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from OfficeTime’s user-friendly time tracking features.

It is also perfect for contractors, consultants, legal professionals, and solo entrepreneurs.


  • The app is easy to use, so you can get it running in no time.
  • OfficeTime also works offline on all your devices.
  • The app has user-friendly invoice and project reporting features.


  • Some say that OfficeTime’s support for integrations is weak.
  • Mac app doesn’t come with project-based billing features.


  • Freelancer – $7 per month
  • Sunshine – $69 (one-time fee)
  • Business – $12 per user, per month

What Users Have to Say:

“The ability to use this with my iPhone, is simply sublime. The syncing is superb, there have been a few issues, but the developer is pro-active, and will bend over backwards to help.”
“UX within the app when editing records, lack of a unified view when running multiple paused timers.”

5. Tyme

Tyme - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://tyme-app.com/

Platforms: macOS and iOS

Creating daily timesheets is another tedious task added to the long list of duties that your remote workers have to complete. So, you’d want to make the process as simple as possible for your team.

Well, if you want to make Mac time tracking easier for your employees, you should use Tyme. It allows you to set up a custom keyboard shortcut to quickly launch the Mac time tracking app. What’s more, every action on the app has a corresponding hotkey. You may not even need to use your mouse to operate the tracking tool.

You can get a quick overview of your current list of clients and your latest time entries by looking at Tyme’s project management dashboard. While it has a clean and minimalist layout, it gives you a comprehensive look at all your responsibilities at hand. However, if you’re working on two assignments at a time, the project management dashboard may seem a bit cluttered.

Ideal for
Tyme is a great option for any company that wants to monitor their profitability. It is also for individuals who want to track their productivity.


  • Tyme has an attractive and intuitive time tracking layout.
  • You can sync your data across various Apple devices, including your iPhone, Mac, iPad, and even Apple Watch.


  • Time tracking app doesn’t offer manual or automatic channels for submitting bugs and errors.
  • Some claim that the time tracking features do not justify the pricing plans (compare to other timers).


  • Individual – $3.99 per month
  • Team – $3.99 per user, per month

What Users Have to Say:

“Clearly well made and reliable the first time you put it to work. The sync is exceptional and the UI is really easy to work with let alone gorgeous.”
“I liked an earlier version because Tyme 2 was a one-time-payment option, but now, with the change in payment structure, I can’t justify purchasing the new app.”

6. Fanurio

Fanurio - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://www.fanuriotimetracking.com/

Platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux, and Unix

It is rare to find a free time tracker for Mac that offers all the necessary features. In most cases, when you get a Mac time tracking tool without paying, such timers only offer limited functionality. 

Thankfully, there is budget-friendly time tracking software for Mac. For example, if you started managing a small team, or if you are a freelancer, consider using Fanurio. Its time tracking features are flexible. You can log work according to tasks or time. Aside from that, you can list and record expenses for every project.

Once you use Fanurio, you can choose from various ways to track your work on a Mac and other devices. You can always open the app to start the timer. However, you can also operate it via its icon in the Dock menu. If you want to know how much time has elapsed, you can look at the Fanurio symbol there.

Ideal for
Fanurio is perfect for freelancers, small businesses, and teams that need to track time for accurate and seamless payments.


  • All the pricing plans come with a perpetual license.
  • Aside from Mac, Fanurio also supports Windows, Linux, and Unix devices.
  • The app offers all the automatic tracking features you need for managing time and processing your billing statements.


  • Fanurio doesn’t offer manual or automatic support channels other than the online contact form.


Standalone (For individuals using a single computer)

  • Single User License – $59
  • Annual Maintenance Fee – $29 (Update) and $19 (Extension)

Server (For individuals and teams using multiple computers)

  • Single User License – $89
  • Upgrade from Standalone to Server – $30
  • Annual Maintenance Fee – $59 (Update) and $39 (Extension)

What Users Have to Say:

“The developer is very responsive and quickly answers any questions or concerns. The interface is clear and functional.”
“As a previous user of iBiz, I grew accustomed to recording all my appointments, work sessions and job notes within iCal/Calendar and then synchronizing/importing this info into iBiz for invoicing.

Unfortunately, Fanurio does not yet support this function, which for me is critical.”

7. Billings Pro

Billings Pro - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://www.marketcircle.com/

Platforms: macOS and iOS

If you want an automatic time tracker for your freelancing project assignments, then you should consider Billings Pro. With this app, you won’t have to switch to different programs to track time, generate statements, and process payments — the app makes all of these processes automatically effortless while running in the background.

You can use it for creating detailed timesheets, preparing estimates, sending invoices, and monitoring payments for your team.

What’s more, you can install the time tracking software not only on your Mac but also on your iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. No matter what Apple device you plan to use, you’ll always have your digital time tracker with you.

Ideal for
Billings Pro is perfect for small businesses and freelancers looking for a system for calculating billable hours, creating invoices, and recording payments.


  • Time tracking app is easy to set up, and you can even customize details like tax configurations.
  • You can sync the data across your devices.
  • Billings Pro has never failed to provide excellent information support.


  • The iOS app is volatile, and it doesn’t provide features for saving an invoice in progress.


  • Freelance – $5 per user, per month
  • Professional – $10 per user, per month

What They Say:

“I use Billings Pro for invoicing and time tracking in my law practice. It works very well for this purpose. The customer service at Marketcircle is fantastic.”
“I wish it integrated with a payment portal that would allow clients to pay their invoices via credit card. Unfortunately, this is an important limitation to this software.”

8. atWork

atWork - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id857189697

Platforms: macOS and iOS

atWork makes it easy for iOS and macOS users to track their work time, monitor their earnings, and boost their productivity without additional distractions. In case you forget to run the app, you can log time manually. 

You can assign a time entry to a project, client, or task. What’s more, the app has a geo-tracking feature that starts recording time automatically as soon as the user reaches a certain location. 

Also, atWork lets you sync your data to your Apple Watch. This way, you won’t have to bring your phone everywhere just to record your work time.

You don’t have to worry about losing your data when you make a switch between devices: atWork makes it easy to back up to iCloud automatically or manually. Moreover, it lets you export tracking reports as CSV files. 

Ideal for
If you’re a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, you can use atWork to track time for different projects, clients, or tasks.


  • atWork time tracker offers a simple interface, making it easy for new users to get the hang of its features.
  • It allows you to filter reports according to projects, clients, and even job sites.


  • atWork doesn’t have an online knowledge base. So, you may be on your own once you’ve started using the app.
  • Some claim that atWork rarely responds to support requests.


  • Free to download
  • In-app purchases

What Users Have to Say:

“Needed app just to keep up with my work hours and days. It evens allows you to dock lunch hour. It does a great job at having a simple interface.”
“I have a regular hourly job. It’s very confusing because all it has is Projects, Clients, and tasks. And when I add an entry at the end of the week it doesn’t show or calculate overtime. Would be nice to have a daily overtime option.”

9. timeEdition


Platforms: macOS and iOS

timeEdition is another macOS and iOS time tracking app that aims to help people create accurate billing records. As soon as you start the app, it will begin tracking the time you spend on your tasks. 

Now, in case you forget to turn it on or stop it, you can manually adjust your time entries. Freelancers will appreciate how timeEdition color-codes tasks. What’s more, the time tracker makes it easy to set up deadline reminders. You can even add notes to your time records if you want to.

If you start time tracking on your Mac and then switch to your iPhone, timeEdition will make the transition seamless. You can sync its macOS and iOS apps via Dropbox. This way, all the collected data will be available across your devices. You can even export time records as spreadsheets and synchronize the app with iCal.

Ideal for
timeEdition is perfect for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers who tend to switch between their Macs and iPhones when tracking time.


  • timeEdition offers a clean, responsive, and efficient user interface.
  • The app syncs automatically with your calendar.
  • You’ll get custom Siri command support when you install the iOS app.


  • It can be difficult to navigate the user interface.


  • $17.99 (one-time fee)

What They Say:

“timeEdition is exactly the app I’ve been waiting for. It’s clean, fast, efficient, and attractive… it can sync to your calendar, it can automatically round your hours based on a threshold you specify (a killer feature for me, since I need to round any time above 5 mins to the nearest 15 m).”
“Worked perfectly for what it was designed for, until it developed a glitch and now no longer is able to export single projects, which makes it useless for billing purposes. And apparently the developers have abandoned it, as there don’t seem to be any responses to bug reports.”

10. Tick

Tick - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://www.tickspot.com/

Platforms: macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Web Browsers

Sometimes, freelancers can get so engrossed in a project they take on that they spend more time on it than they’re supposed to. Now, if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities, then it can be difficult to balance your time between them. Well, Tick solves this problem by helping you budget your time for every project. This makes accountability and billing processes much easier and less time consuming.

If you’re managing a remote team, you will find Tick’s automatic time reporting feature quite useful. You can compare the time that every worker logged. Aside from that, you can easily switch between different view modes to see the amount of time you’ve billed for every client. The tool can integrate with FreshBooks and QuickBooks management apps and allow you to turn time records into invoices easily.

Ideal for
Tick is a great option for professionals and companies that need a web-based time tracking program for boosting their profitability.


  • Because you can access Tick via your mobile devices, you can keep tracking your billable time no matter where you are.
  • Tick allows you to set time budgets for each task or project.


  • The automatic reporting feature is complicated, and it doesn’t let you export the data into an Excel file.
  • The shortcut menu cannot be customized.


  • 1 Project – Free
  • 10 Projects – $19 per month
  • 30 Projects – $49 per month
  • 60 Projects – $79 per month
  • Unlimited Projects – $149 per month

What They Say:

“I really like the fact that there is a free version which is really handy. It’s really important to understand, as a manager, how the team is doing and where is the most time being utilised in.”
“The large range of options to break down projects into smaller segments and sub projects/tasks often distorts from the bigger picture and bogs you down in detail unnecessarily.”

11. On the Job

On the Job - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://stuntsoftware.com/onthejob/

Platforms: macOS

Anyone who hates disruptions during work time will appreciate how discreetly On the Job tracks time. It sits quietly on the menu bar and records work time in the background without disturbing you and your team with pesky notifications.

Moreover, a new session is created automatically once you’ve started using the timer. Managers can customize the hourly rates and generate accurate billing statements for their team members.

A survey from the Gig Economy Data Hub says that more than a quarter of the global workforce is engaged in freelance assignments.

Now, if you want to be successful as a freelancer, you need to organize the details of your clients for effective management. With On the Job Mac time tracker, you can categorize your customers according to their names, hourly rates, and addresses. You can use different currencies and make adjustments depending on where your customer is located.

Ideal for
If you’re a freelancer who prefers a simple time tracking program, On the Job is a good option for you.


  • Because of On the Job’s simple design, most users can quickly learn how to use it.
  • You can easily make customized invoices and export them as PDF files.


  • Some find the app’s interface a bit dated and limited.
  • The developers no longer provide support for the Mac app.


  • $39.95 (one-time fee)

What They Say:

“Nice simple software for tracking billing hours and setting up invoices. Easy to set up Jobs and multiple clients. Easy to keep track of unpaid invoices.”
“Support for this product has long been abandoned. I use it cause it still works but someday this will not and then it will be time to move to another product.”

12. HR

HR - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/48530/hr

Platforms: macOS

If you want a minimalist app to track your work hours, then check out HR. Once you launch it from the menu bar, it will run discreetly in the background. What’s notable about this app is that it allows you to run several timers simultaneously. Moreover, if it detects idle time, it will stop automatically. You can also set it to run as a Pomodoro timer, reminding you and your team to take a break after a specified period.

You can also use the tool to keep your project list organized. If you’re a freelancer working with different clients, you can categorize them to keep corresponding time records distinct from each other for better management. HR also offers convenient time reporting features that make it easy to export your data into a CSV file. 


  • HR’s interface is simple and intuitive, making it an ideal option for freelancers.
  • The app lets you run several timers, which can be useful in certain fields.
  • It comes with a Pomodoro timer, which allows you to work more efficiently.


  • Some users reported that it can be confusing to navigate the different options.


  • $5.99 (one-time fee)

What Users Have to Say:

“Absolutely brilliant, I’m a music producer freelancer. Hope they won’t discontinue this app!”

**Not enough user reviews**

13. Caato

Caato - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: http://www.caato.de/

Platforms: Mac

Caato is a great free time tracking tool for macOS. It was designed to stop and spare users from recording work time manually and help them notice and avoid distractions. With this tool, you can easily break down your projects by tasks. 

If you forget to turn on the timer, or if you work offline, you can adjust your time entries manually. What’s great about Caato is that it helps you track billable hours down to the second. Moreover, it lets you generate management analytics for specific projects, tasks, and date ranges. If you need to, you can export your time report to a CSV file. 

Caato is great for freelancers who need a tool that creates billing statements for clients and measures productivity. This time tracking product for Mac has a clean user interface that shows data labels to help you easily identify tasks. 

Moreover, if you’re paid at a daily rate, you can use the app’s feature that automatically converts hours into days. However, remember that Caato is not an entirely free time tracking app for Mac. If you want to record the time spent on multiple responsibilities, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version.

Ideal for
If you’re a freelancer, consultant, lawyer, or designer who needs to create invoices for your projects and clients, Caato is a great tool for you.


  • Caato has a minimalistic and highly professional interface.
  • The app allows you to track time for multiple assignments.
  • You can convert the hours spent into days.


  • You cannot expect to see all the tools and features on the free plan.


  • Free to download
  • In-app purchases

What Users Have to Say:

“Caato is so easy to use, it’s quite remarkable. I finally decided that although the volunteer project tracking is awesome, I need to get my personal life in order and find out just where I am wasting time on foolishness.”
“It is very hard to see the whole picture of your week to find out where you might have forgotten to start recording time. You have to look through each task separately. It is far too many clicks to adjust anything.”

14. FreshBooks Time Tracking

FreshBooks Time Tracking - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://www.freshbooks.com/

Platforms: macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Web Browsers

FreshBooks is more than just an invoicing app—it also has a time tracking and project management features. It lets you know how much time you’re spending on projects and clients. Once your work is done, a single click will let you generate your client invoice.

On the dashboard, you can see how much time every task consumes. It provides you with an easy-to-follow breakdown of your hours, allowing you to work more efficiently.

If you’re managing a team, you can also use FreshBooks’ time tracker to monitor your employees’ billable hours. It also lets you collaborate with your team on the same assignments while monitoring time. 

In a way, FreshBooks also works as a project management tool. Managers can see which tasks have been completed and which are overdue. A time tracking feature is available on all paid versions of the software. If you’re not ready to pay for the app yet, you can take the free offer and use all its features for 30 days.

Ideal for
If you’re self-employed, a cloud-based time tracking app with accounting features can be useful for you. FreshBooks Time Tracking takes the frustrating paperwork off your shoulders.


  • FreshBooks Time Tracking has a user-friendly interface.
  • It comes with comprehensive enterprise invoicing and accounting features.


  • It doesn’t let you add notes about projects, which could be useful when you’re trying to organize your tasks and time spent.


  • Lite – $7.50 per month (5 billable clients)
  • Plus – $12.50 per month (50 billable clients)
  • Premium – $25 per month (Unlimited billable clients)
  • Select – Custom price for businesses with more complex enterprise needs

What Users Have to Say:

“It saves my team hours of time every month. It easy to manage clients, track subscriptions, track hours and send invoices.”
“The worst part about the software is the electronic payment option. It only works with some banks, while other banks block it.”

15. Time Sink

Time Sink - Time Trackers for Mac
Source: https://manytricks.com/

Platforms: Mac

Mac users can install Time Sink to better understand where they are spending their time. The tool works in the background and monitors the apps that you use and the websites you visit on your device. Moreover, it automatically tracks the amount of time spent on them. 

Now, if you’re working on a task outside your device, you can create a separate timer for that activity. This way, the time spent in minutes will be added to your total billable hours in your Mac client.

If there are related tasks, you can put them in a group. Known as Pool, this feature lets you discover how long you’ve been working on a specific project.

What’s more, it also gives you an overview of the time you spend on non-productive activities. You can drag and drop activities to the Pool section of the app to start your productivity analysis.

Ideal for
Time Sink is perfect for individuals who want to track their time for personal productivity or invoicing purposes.


  • Time Sink shows you how much time you spend on particular apps and creates an overview of the common time wasters and distractions. 
  • You can manually add time for activities done outside your device.
  • The app lets you generate detailed productivity reports within a few clicks.


  • You can only reach support via email.


  • $5 (one-time fee)
    Note: Users need to pay for the yearly updates, but the product comes with a perpetual license.

What Users Have to Say:

“As a Flash animator, I often charge by the hour. And I often have lots of FLAs open at once. This app keeps track of each FLA inside Flash and logs the time I spend on each one individually.”
“This app is unclear and poorly designed. It also isn’t optimized for retina display.”

Time Trackers for Mac: A Quick Overview

Time Tracking Software for Mac

Mac Time Tracking Apps: On a Final Note

With more people joining the work-from-home movement, more and more productivity apps are showing up on the market. What’s important is that you choose the right Mac time tracking tool that works best for all your needs. In this way, you can stop your team from wasting time and get the best value for your money while improving your remote workers’ performance and productivity and eliminating common distractions.

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Florence Carter

This list of the 15 best time tracking software for Mac in 2023 is incredibly helpful. As someone who relies on efficient time management, I appreciate having a variety of options to choose from. The inclusion of popular tools like TimeCamp, Harvest, and Toggl showcases the diversity available for users with different preferences. Overall, this comprehensive list is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to optimize their time on a macOS.

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