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Adding and editing groups

Traqq allows Owners and Admins to group users by teams or projects by assigning them to groups. You can generate separate reports and review stats for each group. Users have two ways of getting assigned to their designated groups.

Step 1

Go to the ‘Groups’ tab on the People page and click the ‘New Group’ button in the top-right corner.

Step 2

In the New Group window, enter a name for your group and click on the green + sign to add users to the group.

Step 3

You may also assign Managers (supervising seniors) to your groups. Group managers will be able to monitor the activity of all regular users in their assigned group. To assign a Manager, go to the ‘Group managers’ tab and click the green + sign next to the name of the person you want to be a Manager.

Step 4

To edit a group’s name, its members, Manager, or even delete it, click on the Edit icon (the three dots) at the right end of the line with the group’s name. Choose the ‘Edit’ option from the menu that appears, unless you are deleting.

Step 5

Click the arrow to expand the list of users in the Edit Group window. To remove a person from the group, click the X sign on their name. To add a member to the group, click the green + sign next to their name in the list below.

Step 6

To edit group managers, click on the ‘Group managers’ tab in the ‘Edit group’ window. To remove a manager, just click the ‘x’ sign on their name. Once a manager is removed, they will no longer have access to the Dashboard page (unless they are a manager in another group), and will be removed from the group you are editing. If you are reassigning the Manager role for this group, select a new manager from existing group members and click the + sign next to their name.

Note: Managers may not exist without groups. If you are removing a manager from a single group, their role will be automatically changed to User unless they are a Manager in another group.

If someone is a Manager in one group, and you add them as a Manager to another group, they will automatically get access to all Users inside the new group while keeping access to all Users in their other group.

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