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Overtime always gets a bad rap. Often, companies that require their employees to work extra hours are considered to have a toxic environment. According to GlobalWebIndex’s Work 2019 report, 59% of US and UK remote workers log overtime hours at least once a week. Of course, with the pandemic causing lockdowns across the globe, we can expect that figure to have increased. After all, many people were forced to stay at home even after office hours to keep up with their tasks.

On the other side of the spectrum, overtime work cannot be considered entirely bad. For example, hospitals need regular overtime in the form of “on-call” rotations to sustain 24-hour support. However, even if working additional hours is unavoidable, it should still be manageable. Of course, if you can’t measure overtime, you won’t be able to manage it properly. So, in this post, we are going to discuss how using Traqq, an overtime tracker, can help you in this area.

What Is Overtime Work?

In general, overtime pertains to the amount of time an employee logged beyond their scheduled regular hours. According to the Department of Labor, non-exempt workers are eligible for overtime pay if they worked over 40 hours in a week. Companies are also required to maintain an overtime log to ensure that employees will be paid accurately. In this case, using a time tracker will make the process easier and more convenient.

How to Use an Overtime Tracker

Keeping a record of overtime work is everyone’s interest within a company. However, most of the time, the manager is responsible for coming up with the appropriate method. There are two ways to keep records of overtime work. You can track it manually using a pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet. However, you can automate the process by using a reliable overtime app like Traqq. This tool will log regular hours along with any excess time. Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1

Visit Traqq and create a free account for your organization. Once you receive an email containing a confirmation link, verify your account. 

Traqq - Overtime Tracking Software

Step 2

Go to the dashboard and add the email addresses of your employees. Doing so will prompt the tool to send invites to the recipients. During this stage, you can also assign Roles and/or Groups.

Invite your team and track overtime

Step 3

Let your employees record their work hours by using Traqq. Before they can do that, they need to download and install the lightweight app.

Step 4

As a manager, you can go to the dashboard and see who’s working in real time. You will see who’s currently running the timer. You will even have access to a visual report of their productivity.

track your activity levels and overtime

Step 5

After a week, you can visit the Reports section of the dashboard to review the logged time of each employee. You will know if they’ve completed the regular hours and if any of them worked overtime. 

Step 6

The final step is generating a report with the time tracking data you need. This process will only take a few clicks. You can also export the report as a CSV or PDF file.

easy reports and overtime tracking

Is It Important to Track Overtime?

Tracking overtime work is beneficial not only for employees but also for managers. Here are some of the reasons why you should start doing it:

Employee Protection

In general, overtime work is reasonable. However, if it becomes excessive and long-running, it can be a form of employee abuse. With time tracking, workers can have an accurate record of their excess hours to hold their employers accountable. This way, they can ensure just compensation and treatment.


As we’ve mentioned, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires companies to compensate non-exempt employees for overtime work. To avoid disputes and complaints, you should maintain accurate records of regular hours and excess time.

Overtime Analysis

Employees may abuse their overtime privileges if you don’t monitor them. Now, if you’re using a time tracker, you will understand where the excess hours go. Traqq will show you the apps and websites that an employee mostly uses. This way, you can identify common time wasters.

Improved Company Culture

Without a clear policy on overtime work and compensation, your company’s culture can easily get damaged. Using a time tracker will create a statement that shows that your organization invests in its staff. 


These days, keeping accurate records of regular and overtime hours has become a necessity. You can achieve this using various methods. However, the easiest way to monitor overtime work is by using a time tracker. Download and install Traqq today and see how it can streamline your workflow.

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