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Work from home has been an intriguing concept for employers all over the world, and in 2020 the majority of companies had to participate in the impromptu switch to the home office. 

As exciting as it sounds, employers have been having a hard time managing workers outside the familiar setting.

Tracking workers’ attendance remains #1 priority for companies operating remotely. But when it comes to maintaining productivity, a simple time tracking solution is not enough.

Introducing Activity Monitor – Apps & Website tracking in Traqq

With Traqq – an effective remote employee monitoring software – keeping an eye on employees’ productivity is as easy as pie. With its Apps & Website feature, you can see the breakdown of the most used websites and apps and the time spent on each.

Apps & Website tracking in Traqq

Not only this feature is useful for employers, but it also first and foremost helps remote workers analyze their productivity, write accurate reports, and plan their day ahead. Effective time management is key to a productive day.

What Do You Stand to Gain?

Tracking the apps and websites that you and your employees use brings a lot of benefits, from productivity to accountability.

Let’s show you how.

Optimize scheduling and productivity

When you understand how you use time, you can plan your workday better.

Traqq’s website and app tracking feature shows you how long you spend on each program and website.

You can then use that data to create a better work and personal schedule.

For example, app and website tracking shows you how long you spend on Zoom calls on average. It also shows you how much time you spend on your email client. So, using this data, you’ll know how much time to allocate to Zoom calls and emailing.

The data can also show you how to make better arrangements. For instance, 1pm could be a better time to respond to emails rather than 8am.

Improve accountability

Time tracking is not the only way to encourage accountability. By implementing Internet and app monitoring, companies can foster a sense of responsibility among employees, as they are made aware that their actions, performance, and behavior are being closely monitored and tracked.

This policy can help to increase employee productivity and accountability, and also reduce the risk of inappropriate or unproductive use of company resources.

Additionally, Internet usage tracking can be used to help ensure compliance with company policies and regulations, and also protect against potential security threats.

Reduce time-wasting and distractions

Sometimes it’s hard to notice how time rushes by and how you end up achieving too little. The reality is that we often waste time on irrelevant things during work hours.

From unnecessary meetings to long social media sessions, there are plenty of activities that steal work time from every professional.

With the website and app tracking feature, you can pinpoint those activities and understand how they affect you.

You’ll be able to identify non-work related apps and sites where you spend considerable working hours. You can then use that information to clean up your schedule.

Better productivity evaluation

Tracking app and website usage allow you to understand your productivity metrics better.

For example, if you consider your overall achievement for a day to be a success, you may find out that you could have achieved more if you stayed away from specific apps.

The data also explains some productivity dips. Sometimes, you may overlook the impact of spending time on these apps but you’ll understand once you see the numbers.

Improve employee management

You can significantly improve employee management when you understand how workers use specific applications and websites.

The data allows you to create better work policies and reduce time-wasting.

For example, you may realize that daily virtual meetings are affecting productivity. This discovery will help you reduce meeting frequency and help workers to free up more time.

Traqq is here for productivity 

As usual, Traqq stands by its promise to track not spy, so data displayed will contain only a domain or an app name. It lets you monitor your employee without harming their privacy. Other details are strictly your business.

Traqq is a great tool to increase productivity

And that’s not it – Traqq is a great tool to increase productivity! Learn how it helps you keep track of your time or sign up for a free beta now. 

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