Time-Wasting Websites

The Best Time-Wasting Websites to Visit When Bored

Feeling dull and looking for something to stimulate your mind? Don’t fret! By the time you are finished reading this article, your boredom will be long gone. We bring you 22 cool websites to visit when bored. And we are not talking about the usual suspects like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. You will be surprised to learn that there are fairly useless websites out there created specifically to make you laugh and take the stress away. 

Fair warning, though: Don’t read this post if you have more important things to do now. These websites will suck your time away!

The Best Websites for Wasting Time on the Internet

 1. Find the Invisible Cow

Oh, boy! This website doesn’t even need an introduction. It does exactly what the title says. You have to find the cow by listening to the audio from the page shown to you. You will realize that the audio changes when you move the mouse cursor from one side of the page to another.

Once you find the cow, you will move a level up and look for other animals. There are over 25 million animals recorded around the globe. So, we hope you have lots of spare time to waste.

Official website: findtheinvisiblecow.com

2. Click to Remove

This is the actual name of the site, and you simply have to click the words on the page shown to you. A pretty useless game, if you ask us, but fun all the same.

Official website: clicktoremove.com


3. I Am Awesome

Have extra time to waste? Visit this website to learn if you are awesome or not. It’s that simple!

Official website: Iamawesome.com

4. Do Nothing for Two Minutes

We challenge you to just sit there and do nothing, literally nothing, for two minutes. If you touch your mouse or keyboard, the timer resets. Want to know how patient you are? Visit donothingfortwominutes.com.

5. Random Things to Do

When you are feeling jaded and looking for something to cheer you up, this website will give you crazy ideas to bring your mood back up.

Official website: randomthingstodo.com

6. 9Gag

9Gag is a community-driven hub for visual content where members get to upvote or downvote posts so that the best content is pushed to the top of the page.

It has a vast collection of memes, funny video clips, failures caught on camera, and whatnots. This is one cool website to visit when bored. It even has a mobile app so that you can entertain yourself on the go.

Official website: 9Gag

7. Engrish

Looking for misspelled wording and wrong grammar that made it to signboards, apparel, adverts, or even websites? Here’s a website that puts them all in one place. It might be funny (or not). But still…

Official website: Engrish.com

8. Can’t Not Tweet This

We bet you will be confused when you first visit this website, but if you want to take social media spamming to the next level, you should give this a try.

Official website: cant-not-tweet-this.com

9. 100,000 Stars

If you love Guardians of the Galaxy, Dark Matter, the Expanse, or Interstellar, then you may have a thing for space, stars, and the galaxy in general. 100,000 Stars takes you on an exploration tour to the far reaches of our galaxy for a spectacular show of the planets, stars, and amazing facts.

10. I Has a Bucket

Probably one of the most useless websites on the internet. The meme looks cute, though.

Official website: ihasabucket.com


11. Endless Horse

Want something that is completely useless but might put an end to your boredom? Visit this website and just scroll – the horse’s legs are indeed endless.

Official website: endless.horse

12. Neal.fun

You will find all kinds of information on this website, from drawing to folding paper to facts about the ocean and space. You’ll even get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend Bill Gates’ money!

Official website: neal.fun

13. Little Alchemy 2

If you enjoyed playing Little Alchemy, then you may like its latest version – Little Alchemy 2. It is a pretty cool way to pass time while playing with the four basic elements of life, namely Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

It’s nothing serious, just pure fun. All you have to do is drag the elements and see how they combine.

Official website: littlealchemy2.com

14. Wait But Why

News doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. This website takes everyday normal news, enriches it with some humor, and gives you a better way to stay updated. Now you have a reason to enjoy news, including sad stories. Just try it.

Official website: waitbutwhy.com

15. Gravity Points

Gravity Points is a digital pen that lets you add gravity centers to any part of your screen. When you click anywhere on the screen, you form a gravity point that pulls the particles towards it. The more gravity points you add, the more particles get absorbed, eventually forming a black hole. 

It is truly amazing.

Official website: gravitypoints.com

16. The Oatmeal

Looking for wacky punchlines, drawings, and crazy stories? Visit The Oatmeal. You will find all kinds of funny and odd stories, like this one: How to Touch Your Face Less.

17. Eyebleach Me

If you just came across a horror story on the news and can’t seem to shake that image from your mind, eyebleach.me is the site to visit. The site randomly displays photos of cute baby animals in fullscreen mode and not-so-wholesome photos of attractive people.

Official website: eyebleach.me

18. Pointer Pointer

Here’s what happens on this website: move your cursor to any part of your screen, and the site will find a photo of someone pointing at your pointer. Sounds silly, but it can be addictive and fun, especially when you are bored. 

Official website: pointerpointer.com

19. Wikipedia’s Conspiracy Theories

Are you ready to be sucked into the world of UFOs and mysterious disappearances? Wikipedia has a whole list of conspiracy theories that will leave you confused and amazed. This website provides content that will waste your time, but the stories will keep you hooked.

20. Livecams

Keeping up with the Kardashians may be a popular show, but Livecams brings refreshing content to your screen – live animal cams. Explore the different categories of animals and birds – you won’t run short of live streams that will stop boredom in its tracks.

Official website: Livecams


21. Heeeeeeeey!

Another useless website that might or might not encourage you is heeeeeeeey.com. All it does is it alternates a long “Heeeeey!” and a long “Hoooo!”

Official website: heeeeeeeey.com

22. The Useless Web

The Useless Web is just another time-wasting website that takes you to other useless websites. In fact, the slogan that greets you when you visit the website is as follows: Take Me to a Useless Website Please.

Every time you click the link on the page, you will be taken to a different website.

Official website: theuselessweb.com


These are just some of the top hilarious sites to visit when you need to kill time online. They are great distractions when you have nothing constructive to think about and you have an active internet connection.

So, if you feel like your productivity level is low, simply jump into these websites, and you can be guaranteed you will be amused for a few hours – or even the whole day.

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