Peter Gichuki

✍️ Productivity Author and Technology Writer

Peter Gichuki is a technology and marketing writing expert at Traqq. He has a background in marketing, blogging, and digital content creation. But that’s not how it started. Peter has always been an entrepreneur at heart and studied Banking and Finance in college. As a solopreneur, he had to learn how to hone his time management skills and organize his schedule to maintain a high level of productivity.

However, he did write on the side and has worked with various clients in different niches for close to five years now. He has always been passionate about helping other businesses improve time management and productivity. It’s this obsession that sparked his passion to write full-time.

Today, Peter focuses on helping business people be productive and self-disciplined, and to improve their work-life balance. He’s an experienced remote worker who specializes in writing about software technology and SaaS solutions as well as providing copywriting and content creation services.

Peter is a strong believer in self-improvement and has been a volunteer teacher for teenagers from disadvantaged communities in rural Kenya.

He’s a big fan of Game of Thrones and enjoys swimming and cycling with his son when he’s not busy at his desk. Get in touch with him @LinkedIn.

Peter is passionate about writing engaging content on time management, productivity, time tracking, and remote work. He believes in self-improvement and is always researching ways to effectively manage time and improve self-discipline while working from home. He loves swimming and exploring the outdoors when he’s not working. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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