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The Best Team Building Games for Remote Workers

You’re managing a remote team—good for you! You’ve saved yourself from the expensive cost of renting a brick-and-mortar office. Now, if you’re thinking that you’re also spared from building relationships with your employees, you are dead wrong! Remember that you are still dealing with living, breathing beings that have emotions and souls.

Instead of occasionally sending them messages, it would be helpful you take a few minutes to bond over things other than work. Remote workers also want to know that they matter and the best way to do that is by putting a face to your name and voice. So, it wouldn’t hurt if you organize quick team building activities even when your employees are scattered around the world. Yes, it’s possible!

Is Socialization Important for Remote Employees?

Just because remote workers prefer doing their job in their home office or a café, it doesn’t mean that they detest human interactions. Not all of them are anti-social individuals who proudly wear a resting (sometimes intentional) bitch face like an accessory. They may not admit it, but a lot of freelancers want to have a healthy and professional relationship with their boss and co-workers. Chances are they’re occasionally doing a Google search on your name. They simply want to have a good, sentimental reason why they shouldn’t snag the next tempting job offer that comes knocking on their door.

Team building games for remote workers

As a team manager, you should engage your remote workers in regular socialization. By establishing a genuine human connection, you can build inclusion and trust among your employees. Of course, having team building exercises can have a positive impact on company culture. Your freelancers will feel valued—they will know that they are important members of the organization.

Team Building Activities for Remote Workers Scattered Around the World

Just because your employees are separated by different oceans, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have meaningful connections. The interactions don’t even have to be simple ‘chit-chats’. You can organize online team building games that will get everyone involved. Here are some of the activities we recommend:

1# House Tour

Remember in the 90s when MTV Cribs was a big thing? It’s probably one of the shows that saved the music channel at that time. It’s baffling how many people are interested to see celebrities’ countertops and throw pillows. Perhaps, getting a peek into their homes gives people the sense that they know these celebrities on a personal level.

Are house tours good when choosing indoor team building activities?

It may be a hilarious way to get to know your remote workers, but having a house tour can be among the interesting indoor team building activities you can arrange. You can begin by letting every team member show off some of their favorite things or areas in their home. Of course, you can let them skip the part where they wink and say, “This is where the magic happens.”

2# The Deserted Island

You’re probably familiar with this game because a lot of us used to play it in school. Oh, the Deserted Island has had thousands of teenagers praying to God that they get into the same team as their crush! Now, in this virtual team building activity, you will tell your remote workers that they are stranded on a deserted island. They will be given seven objects from which they can choose three to use for their survival. Make sure you choose strategic and obscure items that will challenge your team members to think and plan. For example, you can throw in a pocket knife, a bag of vegetable and fruit seeds, 2 liters of kerosene, a 100-foot rope, a lighter, a bucket, and so on.

Can Deserted Island be a good activity for remote workers?

Split your workers into two teams, then let them collaborate on which items to select. Once they’ve used up the time, you can get everyone onto a video chat to discuss the results. Team building games like this allows your workers to see each other as teammates, fostering healthy competition, pride, and excitement among them. It will also show how good collaboration can generate better results while training your team to work together in a virtual setting.

3# Movie Night

Are you starting to feel some tension among your remote workers during virtual meetings? Well, you might be able to let them chill a bit when you arrange a non-work related event. From time to time, you can host a movie night. It is an excellent way to get the team together and let them do something fun.

Choose movie nights for your remote employees

Now, if your team members are scattered all around the world, you may wonder how you can get this to work. You can schedule a video conference call while keeping your group messaging chat open. While the film is running, team members can make their remarks. Forcing your remote workers to take a little downtime can be a good experience for them. They can have something to joke about and bond over later on.

Pro Tip: If you’re struggling to squeeze in movie night to your employees’ erratic schedule, we recommend that you use a task monitoring app like Traqq. Aside from monitoring your remote workers’ productivity, you can also use it to manage their miscellaneous activities. You can tell them to simply log movie night into Traqq to ensure that their tasks are properly accounted for and that they are still justly compensated.

4# Video Game Tournament

Start video games competition for your remoted workers' team!

We’re not asking you to join the multi-million-dollar e-sports industry. You simply need to organize a weekly video game match that may run for a month or two. Does any of your remote workers love plotting the downfall of humanity with the help of the Zaunite plague rat Twitch? Oh yes,  you got it right! We are speaking about League of legends. If so, then ask them to get their League of Legends download ready! To make things even more exciting, put up a cash prize for the League of Legends champions! For sure, a lot of them will search Reddit for League of Legends tips and tricks.

Now, if your freelancers prefer playing shooter video games, then you should organize a tournament for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Suckers for good campaigns will love the experience more than the competition itself. After all, it has the right blend of challenges and fun. So, it is worth encouraging your freelancers to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PC. On the other hand, if you want your remote team to opt out of the traditional single-player campaign, then get them to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 instead. The game is packed with modes that will allow your team to revisit and replay for every scheduled tournament you have. At last, you can check out this list for more games.

If You Can Get Them in One Place

Scheduling can be challenging if you organize bonding games over a virtual call. Now, if you can get your remote workers in one place, there are plenty of team games you can choose.

1# Heads Up

How to play Heads Up game with your remote workers?

Heads Up is the ever-popular game developed by Ellen Degeneres’ team. It is so outrageously fun that it made celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Usher lose their poise! To make things a bit easier, you can stick with the names of film, sports, or political icons. To make it a bit challenging, you can choose the most obscure action verbs. Imagine how funny things can get once they pick out the word ‘twerking!’

You can either use the Heads Up app or simply write the words on Post-It notes. Stick the word on the guesser’s forehead while making sure that they can’t see it. They can act out the word or say phrases related to it. Aside from being one of the most fun team building games, Heads Up also makes your remote workers aware of categorizing or stereotyping others based on certain characteristics.

2# Electric Fence

How to play Electric Fence game with your remote workers?

If you want to get your employees moving, you can outdoor team building activities like Electric Fence. In this game, you will create a hypothetical electric fence. The players must go over it without touching it, or else, they’ll ‘die’. You can create the fence by tying a rope to two chairs, elevating it to about waist-height.

Keep in mind that the players cannot go under it. What’s more, they can only teach each other with one hand. In this way, they can collaborate and think of ways to get every team member across the fence. Indeed, this is among the retreat games that will entertain your remote employees while encouraging them to work together.

3#The Possibilities Game

How to play Possibilities game with your remote workers?

Do you sense your team’s creative juices drying out whenever you have brainstorming meetings? Well, one fun way to bring out their quick-thinking skills and innovation is by letting them play the Possibilities Game. Gather random objects like a scarf, a basketball, or a hula hoop. Give each member an item and let them act out an alternative use for it. Other members will have to guess the function they are demonstrating.

Aside from increasing employee morale, team building activities allow virtual managers to become familiar with each worker’s skills, talents, and personalities. Of course, this can be beneficial for helping them delegate tasks more efficiently.

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