Career goals

How to establish long term and short term career goals? What are the differences between them? Find out here!
13 Examples of Professional Goals for 2022

What are your career goals? What do you hope to accomplish in your current role? What long-term professional goals do you have? If none of the answers excite you, then you might just feel stuck in your position. This is where setting goals, both professional and personal, comes in. It doesn’t matter what your position […]

Practical and Realistic Goals to Set for 2022

Last year may be marked by frustrations, losses, and even a pandemic. Even so, it doesn’t mean that we should give up on our dreams. As we navigate the new year, we can check in on the goals we set for ourselves last year. Were you able to accomplish everything on your list? Perhaps, some […]

Best College Students Podcasts in 2022

With about 49% of young Americans listening to podcasts each month in 2022, the society is embracing learning, growth, entertainment, motivation, and entrepreneurship through audio lessons. Why do you have to listen to podcasts as a college student? Does listening to podcasts make you smarter? Is it more convenient to plug your phones and listen […]

Is Relocating for a Job Worth It? Here are 7 Things to Consider

If your boss gave you a promotion or offered you a new position in a new city or country, would you say yes? Relocating for work can be an exciting opportunity that promises increased salary or promotion, but it’s a big change that requires careful considerations. Moving for work is a personal decision that depends […]

How Long Should You Stay at a Job?

How long is too long to work in the same position in the same company? A few years back, a job seeker with a long history of jumping from company to company was frowned upon. Employers thought that if you couldn’t stay in one position for a long time, you were unreliable and considered a […]

Top Tips on How to Jumpstart Your Future with Short-Term Goals

Short-term goals are great, and we’re not just saying that to make you feel better. We all want to plan for the long-term. However, it’s vital to remember that short-term goals are equally as important. We all function differently, and sometimes, it can be frustrating struggling to keep up with long-term commitments. If you’ve found […]

How to Establish Long Term Goals, And Reach Success

We all want to achieve something great one day. Maybe it’s a promotion, visiting other countries, or saving up for your dream house. How we get there is a journey that requires planning and strategy. However, before you even begin, you need to know where you are going. Without a destination in mind, you will […]

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