Practical and Realistic Goals to Set for 2024

Realistic Goals

Last year may be marked by frustrations, losses, and even a pandemic. Even so, it doesn’t mean that we should give up on our dreams. As we navigate the new year, we can check in on the goals we set for ourselves last year. Were you able to accomplish everything on your list? Perhaps, some of your goals were put on hold because of recurring COVID surges.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, a lot of things that nobody could have predicted happened last year. What’s important is that you can turn over a new leaf. It’s high time you restructured your goals, making sure that they will hold up even under unexpected circumstances. If you are looking for ideas on how to make a realistic list of goals for 2024, check out our tips. We’ll help you get the best outcome for the new year.

Pick Up a New Skill

Pick Up a New Skill

Staying mentally sharp until your sunset years is one of the good goals to have for yourself. Well, if you want to achieve this, you need to take measures to strengthen your brain. One of the best ways to do this is by taking up a new skill. A study conducted by the University of Texas’ Dr. Denise Park revealed that brain processing can be improved by learning a completely new and challenging task. What’s more, the more complex the task is, the more the individual stretches their brain. Consequently, they are producing healthier and denser myelin.

Thankfully, finding the resources needed in picking up a new skill has never been easier. There are plenty of sites online where you can watch tutorials and guides on a wide range of topics. For instance, you can go to Udemy and learn anything from business and web development to photography and even cooking. If you’re inclined to pick up a skill in the field of arts, we recommend going to Skillshare. It features classes for animation, painting, filmmaking, and graphic design, among many others.

Give Your Tools the Upgrade They Need

Making daily tasks and activities easier should always be one of your goals. Write down situations or items that you think are inconveniences to you. You don’t have to show the list to anyone. So, feel free to add anything you can think of—no matter how trivial it seems. Let’s say you’ve been working from home and you’ve been hurting your back due to sitting on your dining chair. Make it a goal to purchase an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. This way, you can make a whole day’s work a bit more comfortable.

You don’t have to limit yourself to physical tools. For instance, if you’ve been creating your timesheets manually, you can include getting a time tracker in your 2024 goals. If you want to get the hang of the system, you can use Traqq. As of this writing, you can use this tool and access all its features at no cost. You won’t have to manually input your hours and tasks since Traqq will automatically monitor your activities. What’s more, you can use it to automatically generate invoices. It makes timesheet creation convenient while improving your productivity. Indeed, this will be a game changer for your goals for 2024.

Read at Least Ten Books

Read at Least Ten Books

Many studies can attest to the benefits of reading to a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health. However, since a lot of us have so many things on our plates, we’ve gotten out of the habit. Before you realize it, you’ve gone months without reading while your books gather dust on the shelves.

Whether you add fiction, poetry, or self-development books to your list, have a target for the titles you read every year. You can visit Goodreads and use its features to monitor the number of books you’ve finished so far. This way, you can motivate yourself to keep on reading. Of course, you can set a goal that is higher than ten books. However, we believe that is a good starting point, especially for those who do not read often. This way, you can have at least an entire month to finish a book.

Start a Morning Routine and Stick to It

Most of us were forced to work from home due to the pandemic. However, we quickly learned that this setup has unique challenges. If you’ve been struggling in the remote work environment, then try starting a foolproof morning routine. Doing so will make all the difference for your productivity, energy, and mindset. Develop habits that will help you wake up early and enjoy the morning instead of being miserable and spiteful. These can include putting away your gadgets an hour or two before bedtime.

If you want to learn how to stop procrastinating and start being productive, developing a routine is one of your best options.

Start a Passion Project

a Passion Project

Burnout is a challenge in the workplace, and it happens because of the monotonous nature of a job. So, if you want to avoid this problem, start a passion project in 2024. Why do you drag yourself to work every day? Perhaps you support your family and you want to give them a better life. However, with a passion project, you’re doing something for yourself —not for others. It is something that inspires you and piques your curiosity. What’s great about a passion project is it goes beyond a person’s enjoyment. It can also bring a host of benefits, including contributing to a current career, meeting new people, and developing a new skill.

Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Several years ago, there was a whole craze about gratitude journals. Who could blame these people? There are so many terrible things happening around the world, and most of us want to find the silver lining underneath it all. So, accompanied by professional medical care, starting a gratitude journal may help alleviate your anxiety. You will quickly understand what the craze is all about. In days when Murphy’s law is in full effect, looking for things to be thankful for can significantly uplift your mood. When setting this as a goal for 2024 to improve yourself, make sure that you aim to do it on a daily basis.

Start a Healthy Diet

Of course, your yearly goals will never be complete without listing ‘eating healthier’. The problem with diet fads is that they are difficult to sustain. It is true that you get results for some time. However, as you go on, you will find them more challenging and unforgiving. So, instead of pushing yourself to go on a restrictive diet, aim for something that progresses slowly. Moreover, it should be something that you can sustain. It must be an eating habit that you can call a lifestyle instead of a diet.

Cut Down On Your Screen Time

If you spend most of the day in front of a computer, you should give yourself a break once you go home. According to the 2019 Global Digital report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, people are spending an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes a day in front of a screen. If you add that up, it will equate to more than 100 days a year. We’re spending almost a third of our year online! So, for 2024, it will be a good goal to spend less time on the Internet. Often, you won’t have a choice but to be online. However, in moments where you’re not working, have the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Make a genuine effort to create meaningful connections with other people without the Internet.


When it comes to mapping out what you want to accomplish in 2024, you must look at the bigger picture. Remember that you cannot get to your long-term goals without thinking about today. If there’s anything that the previous year taught us, it’s that plans should be flexible and practical.

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