14 Content Marketing Trends of 2024 [Infographic]

What are main content marketing trends in 2020?

Content marketing has always been an ever-evolving landscape. Every year there are exciting developments shaping the content marketing industry. 2019 was no different — Google’s BERT update, the rise of TikTok as a major social media platform, the death of Google+ — it certainly was a lively year.

To give you a brief summary, in 2024, businesses that create video content, focus on enhancing user experience (UX) and personalize their marketing messaging will dominate. Furthermore, conversational marketing (with chatbots) will go mainstream, while micro-influencer collaborations will occupy center stage. Not to mention brands will have a special focus on increasing expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T), garnering more and more user-generated content (UGC), and optimizing their content for voice search.

So, as we welcome 2024 (along with a whole new decade), let us take a moment to look at what’s trending upward and could be a promising marketing investment for your brand, based on all we’ve seen in the yesteryear. Check out the infographic below which neatly outlines 15 trends that will shape content marketing in 2024, courtesy of Growfusely.

Of course, not all of these trends are relevant to your business. But keeping them in mind could prove to be useful when forming your 2024 content marketing strategy.

Today video is getting more important in content marketing
Here are content marketing peculiarities everyone should know
Content marketers should remember text is still preferable over video
Improving trust rank is essential when planning content
User-generated content is definitely important now
Content collaboration is thriving in 2020
Podcasts will be more and more popular
Personalization is key to success!
AI is already helping content marketing
Chatbots are must have now
Interactive content continues to grow
Result-oriented content is what you need
Future belongs to voice search, no doubt
Good UX is too important to be ignored

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