Employee management

The first thing is to trust in your employees. Here are some more tips for better managing your remote team.
How to Handle Employee No Call, No Shows

What happens when an employee fails to show up for work and has not made efforts to call in or notify you of their absence? This can be frustrating to employers, supervisors, and HR managers who need to fill the position. Even their colleagues will get stressed, knowing they’ll have to cover an extra shift. […]

How to Measure and Improve Employee Performance

Most CEOs would say that their employees make up the foundation of their company’s success. Sadly, according to a 2019 Mercer survey, only 2% of organizations believe they’re maintaining top-notch performance management. Anyone who’d want to enhance every facet of their business operation must focus on employee improvement. People Conscience co-founder Soumyasanto Sen says: “Performance […]

How to Find Good Employees: 6 Top Tips for HR

Employment statistics continue to shock us, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, Prudential’s 2021 Pulse of the American Worker survey says that one-quarter of all US employees plan to switch jobs once things go back to normal. This is happening while the country is experiencing a labor shortage. While more companies remain short-staffed, it’s […]

30 Awesome Welcome Messages for New Employees

Starting at a new workplace can be a stressful period in a person’s life. That’s why the employee onboarding process is crucial since it promotes a smooth transition. This is usually an exciting time for the company. What’s more, it is a chance to leave a good first impression with new hires. According to a […]

Employee Discipline in Remote Workspace: 9 Easy Steps

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has shaken up our lives in ways we didn’t expect, changing our perceptions of life and work. While the world was unprepared for mass remote work, it has been a success for most companies. However, despite all the positives that working remotely brings, managing employee discipline and performance are among […]

11 Virtual Retirement Party Ideas

More than anything, retirement parties bring colleagues together to recount their best moments. These special events mark the end of a great career and the beginning of a beautiful, new life. Even if your coworker or staff is leaving for another company, sending them off in style is an excellent statement of respect. In addition, […]

Top 10 Management Techniques to Effectively Supervise Your Team

The proper management strategy guarantees employee satisfaction and productivity. It also affects a business’s profit margin. Nobody wants to work in an environment that does not inspire people to reach greater heights. This is why companies with poor management strategies suffer the worst employee turnover. Managers have to employ unique methods to bring out the […]

What Are the Qualities of a Good Employee?

There’s no question that every employer wants a dedicated staff, regardless of the industry. A great team will ensure you fulfil your mission by doing their work with passion, dedication, and precision – every single day. Any entrepreneur will attest to the fact that having the best employees is the greatest asset for the entire […]

Traqq – The Trusted Overtime Tracking Software

Overtime always gets a bad rap. Often, companies that require their employees to work extra hours are considered to have a toxic environment. According to GlobalWebIndex’s Work 2019 report, 59% of US and UK remote workers log overtime hours at least once a week. Of course, with the pandemic causing lockdowns across the globe, we […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Working Hours Log

If you pay your employees by the hour, it’s crucial to know much time they take to complete a project. Keeping a work hour log makes it easier to measure productivity and profits, as well as, help you stay organized. Tracking your team’s time is also essential for accurate payroll processing. For salaried workers, the […]

Traqq – The Work Hours Tracker for Ethical Employee Monitoring

Do you always wonder how your employees spend their time at work? Do you doubt if the hours you pay them for go to productive work? Well, there are many ways to uncover the truth. However, using a work time tracker is one of the most efficient ways to monitor your employees’ performance. And one […]

What Are the Signs of Micromanagement in the Workplace?

Micromanagers are often regarded as bad-tempered, condescending, and inherently evil individuals. In reality, many of them want the best intentions for their staff. In many cases, their behavior results from a lack of proper leadership tactics and skills. Unfortunately, the cycle of micromanagement perpetuates itself from managers to subordinates. Most of the time, poorly led […]

How Using an Activity Log Can Help You Maximize Your Day

Are you aware of the time you spend on things that do not contribute to your growth and success? Those who strive to be productive may think that they rarely waste time. Well, if you haven’t used an activity log, you’re in for a surprise. What Is a Daily Work Log? A job activity log […]

Why Are Employees Quitting Jobs Instead of Giving Up Working From Home?

These days, many companies want their staff back in the office. Predictably, this desire clashes with the views of the people who’re embracing remote work as the new normal. A study by Flexjobs reveals that a staggering 65% of all pandemic work-from-home employees wish to continue remote work. At the same time, it shows that […]

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