Should You Grow a Beard? 6 Top Reasons Why Male Freelancers and Remote Employees Grow Beards

There comes a time in every man’s life when he asks himself, “Should I grow a beard?” When you used to fight for your survival in the corporate jungle, you envied every bearded man you encounter on the street.

You’re probably one of the few people in the office who signed the secret petition to destroy discrimination against beards. If this was the Industrial Age, no one will judge you when you come to work with glorious, voluminous facial hair.

So should you grow a beard?

Well, now that you’re a remote worker, you don’t have to deal with all that corporate drama. Finally, you can seriously consider whether you should grow a beard.

However, now that no one is stopping you, you’re probably doubting if you have what it takes to sport beautiful mutton chops, just like your personal hero, Wolverine. Well, let us give you that extra push. Here are some of the reasons why it’s high time you grew a beard!

1. Get the Confidence You Need

After working from home for quite some time, freelancers tend to lose some of the confidence they had when they were still a fluttering social butterfly. Once you crawl out of your hole, you’ll find it more challenging to connect with other people. Well, if you have a big high school reunion coming up, why not grow a beard?

A beard can give you a sense of confidence and power that easily radiate to the people around you. Of course, all the other good things will follow. As you build more confidence in yourself, you will have higher chances of becoming successful in all aspects of your life. So, if you want to set a higher standard for yourself, maybe you should decide to grow a beard.

2. Prevent Skin Cancer

Who says beards are for aesthetic purposes? Well, you can send them hate messages with links to the research carried out by the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. According to the study, growing a beard can lower your face’s exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays by 95%. So, having thick, luscious facial hair makes you less prone to skin cancer—at least on the specific patch on your neck and face. Ever wondered why you always get sunburned on your bald spot? Well, go figure.

3. Become More Attractive

Most of us, unfortunately, was not blessed with the demi-god features that celebrities like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pine have. Does it have to do with the name Chris? We’ll never know. However, what we can tell you is that growing a beard may make you more appealing to others. Especially, if you do some research on Top beard styles 2020 and life hacks how to trim your beard.

In a study, participants were shown photos of men in different stages of their beard growth. All 64 men and 64 women had a more positive perception of the men as their beards grew fuller. The participants perceived the bearded men to be more attractive, mature, and healthy. So, if you want to become more appealing, it’s probably time to buy beard balm in bulk!

4. Look Younger

Since your beard protects your face from UV exposure, you’ll less likely to develop wrinkles. In a way, it functions as a fountain of youth. It even keeps your skin clear of cancerous blemishes, discoloration, and acne. As such, you can maintain the health of your skin for longer. You should be thankful that you have the option to grow a beard, as not everyone can do so. You don’t have to travel to the unknown regions to find the fountain of youth! You can simply sit around and let your beard do wonders for you.

5. Cozy Winter Season

For those who don’t have anyone to cuddle with during the cold, winter months, a beard may be the perfect solution. While it won’t whisper sweet nothings to your ears, it will keep you warm as the temperature drops. Facial hair of any kind can act as a barrier of protection during the winter months when the cold weather and chilly wind can cause skin chapping.

Whenever you shave, you open up your skin’s pores or even cut your face. Over time, keeping your beard from growing may dry out your skin. During the winter, your exposed pores will lose moisture, causing your skin to flake. On the other hand, when you have a beard, you can protect your skin and keep it looking nice and healthy.

6. More Time to Do Other Things

It may take you a few minutes to shave your face, but did you know that those minutes can accumulate to about 3,350 hours of your life? Can you imagine? That’s 139 days or almost five months of your life! There are simply so many other things you can do with that time. You can feed the dog, do crunches, browse through your crush’s IG feed—any other valuable thing!

Instead of shaving your face, you can start the day earlier and get to work. If you’re doubtful that growing a beard can improve your productivity, we suggest that you use a task tracking app like Traqq.

Throughout your beard growth, use this tool to monitor how much work you can get done when you don’t shave. With Traqq, you will be able to identify where time is wasted, allowing you to become more productive at work.

As you can see, a beard is not a simple facial accessory. With all the health benefits it provides, it is quite surprising why not a lot of men grow beards. Perhaps, they should switch to a freelance career to have the freedom to do so. On the other hand, as a remote worker, you should take advantage of that liberty. Grow a beard and enjoy healthier skin and longer life!

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