Collect statistics. Analyze. Optimize Processes

Increase the efficiency of your business by 20% in the first month.

Collect statistics. Analyze. Optimize Processes
You Don’t Know Who’s Procrastinating

You Don’t Know Who’s Procrastinating

25% of employees feel bored at work.

45% of employees regularly spend time on social networks while at work.

Challenges in Manual Time Tracking

Manually entering information
Inaccurate data
No insight into time spending
Not cost-effective
Not meeting compliance requirements

By 2027 the percentage of remote workers who use online time trackers is forecasted to grow to


Automated Time Tracking Solves Time Theft

49% – openly admit to committing time theft

49% – openly admit to committing time theft

$7.4 billion – daily productivity loss

$7.4 billion – daily productivity loss

$373 million – cost of buddy punching annually

$373 million – cost of buddy punching annually

With automated time tracking, companies can regain $666,400 in overpaid wages yearly


73% — Business executives who are satisfied with the results of automating manual tasks like time tracking.

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Traqq – Effective Employee Monitoring Software

Simple Time Tracking. Powerful Reporting. Employee Friendly.

Effective Employee Monitoring Software
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How Traqq Works

Start-stop time tracker with one click

Click once to start or stop tracking time

Traqq will automatically log billable time and upload it to a neat online timesheet in your account.

Track team productivity and performance

Track team productivity and performance

The time tracker measures and analyzes activity levels based on keyboard clicks and mouse scrolls.

Traqq time tracker allows you to easily generate reports and calculate payroll

Generate reports and calculate payroll

Generate stats on activity levels and amounts earned to determine productivity and calculate payroll.

How Traqq Helps Improve Work Efficiency


Unproductive time with manual time tracking


Unproductive time with electronic time tracking

Here is what the numbers say:

Prior to implementing a time tracker, employees spent an average of 20 to 45% of their work time unproductively. When they started using a time tracker, this value dropped to 3−12%.


See the most frequent questions asked by Traqq users & answers to them.

Оur tracking system blurs screen recordings to make any sensitive information that may appear on the user’s screen illegible. Traqq does not allow the release of users’ personal information, and employs other ways to protect its users. Any user may review recorded screenshots or video clips and delete any they don’t want their supervisor to see.

Traqq has multi-layer protection across a reliable distributed infrastructure. All your employees’ data is automatically encrypted through HTTPS, SSL and TLS prior to being written to disk and synchronized with their online Traqq accounts. Your employees’ data is stored within the cloud using AES-256 encryption. It is stored on tightly protected Amazon S3 servers, which provide standard security, speed and data protection guarantees. Using Amazon’s service ensures full compliance with the GDPR.

Traqq provides monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans, as well as discounts for purchasing quarterly and annual plans. The subscription price is flexible and depends on the number of users. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Traqq’s time tracker cannot be fooled by autoclickers or the use of scripts that imitate mouse and keyboard activity. Its smart algorithms can tell a real user from artificial activity generators.

If you are the owner of a premium account, you will have a dedicated support manager who will answer all your questions Monday to Friday. You can get assistance from them via email, connect via the built-in online chat in your Traqq account, or even request a call to clarify any questions about the service.

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Collect statistics. Analyze. Optimize Processes.

Increase the efficiency of your business by 20% in the first month.

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