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What reports can Traqq generate?

Traqq generates reports for Weekly summary, Time and Activity, Apps & Websites, Manual time adjustments, and Amounts earned. If you would like to see additional report features, such as time-in and time-out, idle time, etc., please let us know at support@traqq.com.

Can reports be generated automatically?

Yes, reports are generated and updated for all users’ daily activity. If you’d like to receive automatically generated reports via email on a regular basis, please let us know at support@traqq.com.

Why do archived users still appear in reports?

Archived users will appear in reports that include the time period when such users were still active and their time was tracked. If you don’t want an archived user to be included in reports, you may permanently delete that person from the ‘Archived’ list. Please note that permanently deleting a user will delete all of their recorded data.