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What operating systems are supported?
Currently, only Windows and macOS operating systems are supported. Please be sure to let us know if you need Linux, Chrome OS, Android or iPhone support. We will collect feedback and will add support for additional operating systems if there is sufficient interest.
What browsers does Traqq support?
Traqq currently supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. We are working on adding compatibility with more browsers. Please be sure to let us know what browsers you would like Traqq to support.
What does the desktop app do?
With the desktop app, you can track your time even when offline or when working on an unstable Internet connection, which means there will be no interruptions or lost minutes. As a result, every minute of your work time will be counted and paid for.

When the app is on, it tracks the time you work, apps you run or websites you visit while taking screenshots at random time intervals. It may also shoot brief video clips of your screen activity, if this feature is enabled by the account owner. All screenshots and videos are blurred to protect any sensitive information that may appear on your screen (such as passwords, payment info, etc.).
Does tracking violate my privacy?
The screenshots give your manager a good idea of what you were working on, but they are blurred to the point that makes your sensitive information which may appear on screen illegible. If video recording is enabled for your account, video clips are also blurred to prevent your sensitive information from being visible.
Is my activity being tracked all the time?
You choose when the app tracks your activity. When the app is off, your activity is not tracked and screenshots are not taken. When you start working, you enable the tracker and it will keep tracking your time and taking screenshots until you stop it.
Who sees my activity?
Your activity is only available to your manager and your organization account owner, who can review it from their Traqq dashboard. Other regular users on your team can only view their own activity.
Is my data secure?
Your data is encrypted with a government strength 256-bit AES encryption and kept separately on Amazon S3 servers for extra security. Read on how Amazon ensures the security of its servers.
Can I spy?
No. The app tracks user activity and does not support spying. Traqq is a time and productivity tracking program that collects data to build reports on team behavior, and provides automation services. The app is installed by each user from their own web account. Traqq does not record information entered using the keyboard or mouse, and blurs screenshots and video clips to the point that makes information on the user’s computer screen illegible.
For more details, please refer to Terms of Use.
Are any of my passwords/keystrokes being recorded while Traqq is running?
No. Traqq tracks mouse and keyboard activity without keylogger features. This allows us to stay on the safe lists with all popular antivirus software. At the same time, Traqq provides screenshot monitoring to ensure that employees are doing their work.