Top 10 Business Blogs

The Top 10 Business Blogs You Must Read [If You Care About Your Business in 2020]

If you care about your business and want to grow it (and who doesn’t?), you need to be innovating, reinventing and systemising. You and your staff also need to be learning — continuously. YouTube and TED Talks are powerful and free learning tools to explore new ideas and approaches, but so are business blogs.

You can easily incorporate the best business blogs into your learning — and that of your employees, if you have them — in a number of ways:

- pooling your list of top business blogs in weekly meetings and creating a central repository on your intranet for easy access

- sharing business blog examples that drive traffic (check BuzzSumo for engagement) and deconstruct blogs and posts to find out why they resonated

- reading a post by a top business blogger, discussing the contents and how you can apply learnings to your enterprise

- instead of a business book club, have a business blog club, where you read a new business blog or business blogger each month.

There are millions of blogs out there on the interwebz, and many offer outdated advice — everyone has an opinion, right? — or just aren’t updated that often.  So how do you do find the best business blogs to follow? How do you find business bloggers who are worth reading? And how do you locate thought leaders who actually know their stuff? Simples. Our list. Because who can be bothered panning through an endless list of irrelevant blogs to find the gold?

1. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is published by Harvard University, and started life as a magazine in 1922 — so you know with that kind of cred, it’s one of the best business blogs out there. Publishing diverse posts from business experts on every aspect of leadership and business management, HBR’s blog topics range from disruptive innovation to supply chain to sexual orientation of employees. Their repository is vast. You get three articles for free if you don’t want to subscribe, but why wouldn’t you with such extensive subject matter on all things related to leadership and management?

2. Mind Tools

Mind Tools was started waaaaaay back in 1996 by husband and wife team James Manktelow and Rachel Thompson who couldn’t find the advice they needed around leadership and leading teams, particularly from an IT perspective. Now a hub for online learning and the development of soft skills, the Mind Tools blog offers broad reading material on subjects such as toxic masculinity, random acts of kindness and how to give feedback to managers. Like HBR, this is one of the best business blogs to follow for its breadth, depth and expertise of contributors.

3. Four Minute Books

If you don’t have time to read an entire business book — or listen to an audio book or podcast — Four Minute Books has you covered.  Since 2016, this blog posts free book summaries daily, and currently has more than 600 titles. Each post is a four minute read and summarises the key ideas of the book. Topics and themes are not just business-related, which makes this blog a little unusual and quite fascinating. Titles include everything from All Marketers Are Liars, Blink, Everything is F*cked, Facebook Ads Manual to The Five Love Languages. This not quite a business blog is guaranteed to be a great icebreaker in meetings!

4. Content Marketing Institute

If you have a business and you’re not doing content marketing, hang your head in shame. If you’re not doing content marketing because don’t know anything about it, then you absolutely must read the Content Marketing Institute’s blog. It’s one of the best business blogs out there because of the calibre of their business bloggers. Content marketing experts provide top notch and practical advice, information, examples and case studies from across the globe. If you haven’t subscribed, you really are missing out on valuable information from one of the best business blogs out there.

5. Seth Godin

Marketing guru Seth Godin has been business circles since the dot com era of the early 90s, and is an American Marketing Association Hall of Fame inductee. Author of more than 18 books, including Permission Marketing and Purple Cow, Seth is a highly respected thought leader who publishes blog posts daily. His posts are short, to-the-point and contain actionable business advice. He is an advocate for the no agenda, no meeting movement, and has even offered advice on how airports should be designed. He is consistently rated as one of the top business blogs in the world, with more than 1,000,000 readers hungry for his wisdom and insight.

6. Moz

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and inbound marketing has been called many things by the experts: from snake oil to an essential component of an enterprise’s marketing strategy. One thing that marketers agree on is ranking on Page 1 of Google through organic search is harder than ever, let alone nabbing the top spot. The Moz blog, which has been around since 2004, gathers the best in the industry to talk all things SEO. Chock full of information, advice, research and insights, the Moz blog also hosts the infamous Whiteboard Friday, where complex SEO ideas are broken down on a whiteboard and explained in reasonably simple terms.

7. Neil Patel

Like Seth Godin, Neil Patel is an icon in online and digital marketing circles. Although there has been some controversy over his blog — stolen content and ghostwriters to name a couple of contentious issues — his business blog is popular because it is so practical. He writes easy, step-by-step instructions on how to do online marketing via a growth hacking approach. Subscribe to his blog, and you’ll get a short email everyday telling you what the topic is. This email from Neil alone is worth analysing because it is so effective. Short, sharp, shiny and to the point.

8. Copyblogger

If learning from the best about business blogging and content marketing is your jam, then you simply must add Copyblogger to your list of best business blogs. The Copyblogger blog not only teaches you how to blog (yes, we know that’s very meta) but also how to create winning content. It really is a one-stop-training-shop for a best practice approach to creating and marketing online content. Take note of the design of the blog — lots of white space and catchy headlines set the bar in an excellent user experience and best practice blog examples for business.

9. Backlinko

Brian Dean started his business in 2013 from zero — an Airbnb in Lisbon — and freely admits he made all the mistakes. The focus of his blog is SEO and building back links, which, according to SEO experts like those mentioned above, is how you build authority and organic traffic with Google. Backlinko is all about researching what works in the online world, and sharing that research, which is extensive. Actionable SEO steps is what this top business blog guarantees, along with cutting edge advice.

10. Canva

Australian-based company Canva — backed by another perennial marketing guru Guy Kawasaki — has taken the internet by storm with its software that can turn anyone into a graphic designer.  The Canva blog focuses on learning about the fundamentals of good design: super important in such a visual world as ours where graphics need to be eye-catching and drive traffic. The blog is also a place for ideas and how-tos, so if you need inspiration for your design project, Canva should be on your list of must-read business blogs, particularly if you work in creative services.

You can subscribe to most, if not all of these blogs, by joining their email list. If you like a cleaner inbox and like to control what lands there, you can read blogs via their RSS feed using an app like Feedly. You’re welcome.

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