Safe browsing

How do you ensure safe browsing in the age of cybercriminals? Here are the articles we’ve written about VPN and how it can secure your browsing data.
12 Best Free Trial VPNs: 2020 List

Did you know that you can find free VPN trials online and use the service with no credit card requirements? Yes, they exist, and as you may be aware, it is not easy to get an actual Virtual Private Network service that you can enjoy at absolutely no charge. Luckily, today we introduce to you a […]

Reasons Why Home and Remote Workers Should Use a VPN

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted almost every business worldwide. Most companies were forced to allow their employees to work from home just to keep some operations running. However, remote working came with its challenges. Most employees never worried about cyberattacks in the office because of the company‚Äôs security systems. However, when working remotely, you are mostly […]

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