Managing a remote team

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Why You Need Staff Tracker Tools for Remote Employees & Teams

As a manager, getting everyone to log their time can sometimes feel overly complicated and cumbersome. This is particularly true if you’re doing manual timesheets, where cases of time theft, dishonesty, and excessive overtime can be rampant. That’s why staff tracking systems are important. A staff tracker will help your organization keep a precise record […]

Team Collaboration: Why It’s Important and the Best Strategies to Build a Collaborative Team

Every business is made up of a team – whether it’s two people or a hundred – and its success depends on how effective the collaboration is. Keep in mind that 86 percent of employees blame lack of collaboration for workplace failures.  In comparison, connected, supportive, and collaborative teams can increase profitability by up to […]

Here Are the Legal Considerations in Employee Monitoring

There are plenty of ways to improve productivity in the workplace. You can easily find tools that can automate tasks and eliminate distractions for workers. One of the ways to boost workforce efficiency is by using an employee computer monitoring program. Because of the exponential growth of the remote work movement, surveillance technologies have also […]

14 Key Areas of Improvement for Managers with Examples

Increasing productivity, revenue, and profits are any company’s topmost vision and mission. All that is achievable only when there’s good leadership. That’s why as a manager, you need to consistently self-reflect to identify and work on areas of weaknesses and strengths. Now, how do you become a better manager? That’s the million-dollar question and one […]

How to Create a Hybrid Work Schedule

We don’t have to work from home forever. If you’ve been considering the move, you’ve no doubt heard about the many pros of remote work. It saves cost, encourages flexibility and autonomy, and allows workers to do their jobs with fewer disruptions. In fact, many studies have shown that, with the right tools, telecommuting can […]

What Is Full-Time Equivalent and How Do You Calculate It?

If you’ve been managing employees for some time, you’ve likely come across the term “full-time equivalent”. Perhaps you encountered it while you were getting details about the Paycheck Protection Program loan. On the other hand, you may be wondering if your company is required to provide health insurance according to the regulations of the Affordable […]

Virtual Reality in the Workplace and The Best Apps for VR Meetings

We’ve been through this pandemic for over a year. So, it is not uncommon to have a doctor’s appointment, a happy hour, or a work meeting from our desks. Fueled by lockdown restrictions, online conferencing software has become a booming business across the globe. With remote work likely to stay, the Zoom-centric lifestyle may also […]

Traqq – A Time Tracker That You Can Use on Multiple Computers

Here at Traqq, we understand that not everyone works on a single device throughout the day. For instance, developers have to test their apps on different devices to ensure they run smoothly. Even websites need to be tested on as many types of devices and software as possible. After all, a website must be responsive […]

7 Tips to Manage Remote Employees Effectively this 2022

The remote work trend has increased over the years, and the recent pandemic gave it a real push. Policies, preferences, and even realizations have all played a role in the increase. Yet even after more than a year of intermittent global lockdowns, many have struggled to manage remote employees effectively. As a company with a […]

Who Are Hourly Employees and What Benefits Do They Get?

In various industries and professions, hourly pay is the traditional method of compensation. Of course, companies set out to ensure that what they pay is fair for both the employee and the organization. However, occasionally, there can be some confusion in determining and distributing worker benefits. As such, it’s important to understand the ‘hourly employee’ […]

Ensure Your Remote Team’s Productivity with Free Screen Monitoring Software

Not everyone can thrive in a work-from-home setup. From Netflix shows to endless unfinished chores, there are so many distractions that remote employees face. According to a 2020 study from Statista, 47% of respondents consider managing disruptions at home as one of the biggest challenges they encounter. Naturally, as a supervisor, you’d want to ensure […]

Easy-to-Apply and Effective Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees

Welcoming new employees is easier when done in person. Questions can be answered efficiently, and colleagues can build rapport right from the start. However, because of the pandemic, many companies have been forced to onboard their new hires remotely.  The success and happiness of a new member of your team also depend on how you […]

What Are the Top 15 Timekeeping Apps of 2022?

Many professions, including consultants and lawyers, charge by the hour. However, more people bill customers this way. Service-focused businesses and freelancers have made charging an hourly rate a common practice.  Some people manage to record their billable hours by using a pen and paper. However, if you’re timekeeping for multiple contracts, projects, or clients, you […]

The Most Efficient Ways to Prioritize and Manage Tasks at Work

If you are a project manager, the success of your project and your team’s efficiency depend on how well you prioritize tasks. Whether you’re working on small or more complex projects, you need to understand the importance and urgency of each item on your to-do list. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. No […]

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