Employee monitoring software

Software used to monitor the work processes your remote employees are in. Manage your Team, boost the work efficiency!
15 Employee Time Tracking Apps & Tools in 2022

Research indicates that nearly 90 percent of employees admit to wasting time at work every day. Thirty-one percent waste around 30 minutes, but more than one-fourth waste two to three hours each day. This extrapolates to more than 15 hours per week of wasted productivity. So, what’s the solution? Micromanaging employees? Definitely, not. The best […]

Employee Monitoring: The Ultimate 2022 Guide

Even before the pandemic, employee monitoring has been on an upward trend. However, when lockdowns necessitated remote work, the practice became widespread. According to a 2021 Top10VPN survey, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a 54% increase in the demand for employee monitoring software. Despite being widely popular, tracking workers is still frowned […]

20 Employee Monitoring Software [2022 Updated List]

On average, an employee spends 2 hours and 53 minutes a day genuinely on productive work, according to the VoucherCloud survey. Most people use billable time to check their social media accounts, read news websites, or chat with colleagues.  Naturally, there’s always been some mistrust between managers and workers. So, to ensure accountability, many companies […]

Effective Team Workload Management

Did you know that workload is the biggest cause of stress among U.S. employees? According to the 2019 StressPulseSM survey, 39% consider overwhelming tasks as the top cause of stress at work. Of course, this can lead to low morale, burnout, poor performance, and eventually a high employee turnover rate. Effective workload management lets you […]

Here Are the Legal Considerations in Employee Monitoring

There are plenty of ways to improve productivity in the workplace. You can easily find tools that can automate tasks and eliminate distractions for workers. One of the ways to boost workforce efficiency is by using an employee computer monitoring program. Because of the exponential growth of the remote work movement, surveillance technologies have also […]

18 Best Time Tracking Software for Mac in 2022

Did you know that during the height of the pandemic, 61.6% of work-from-home employees regularly browsed social media during office hours? The same survey featured on Statista says that remote workers tend to check their smartphones, binge watch, and even play games. So, if your employees are using Apple computers, you should introduce them to […]

Easy but Useful Tips for Managing Remote Employees [2022]

Even before the quarantine of 2020, remote work had been a growing trend in the U.S. Now that the business sector has shifted to the work-from-home model due to the pandemic, more changes can be expected. For instance, 97.6% of the workforce expressed their desire to work remotely, as revealed by Buffer’s 2021 State of […]

Top 10 Employee GPS Tracking Apps

Because of the significant change that the pandemic brought to the workplace, employers have been looking for ways to ensure the safety and productivity of their remote workers. With employee GPS tracking apps, supervisors are able to identify people who are in an emergency and need help. Since they know their employee’s location, they are […]

7 Best Automatic Time Tracking Software 

Did you know that 73% of organizations are satisfied with the results of automating business processes and tools? An analysis of data from American Payroll Association revealed that automatic time trackers can alleviate lost productivity and help companies regain $666,400.00 in annual wages. If you’re not using time tracking software, it shouldn’t come as a […]

16 Paid and Free Time Tracking Software Compared

Are you looking for the best free time tracker to monitor your employees or track your own hours as a freelancer? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will compare 16 most popular paid and free time tracking software and help you choose the one that suits your needs! A report by Market Research […]

Traqq – A Time Tracker That You Can Use on Multiple Computers

Here at Traqq, we understand that not everyone works on a single device throughout the day. For instance, developers have to test their apps on different devices to ensure they run smoothly. Even websites need to be tested on as many types of devices and software as possible. After all, a website must be responsive […]

What Is Goldbricking and How Does It Affect Workplace Productivity?

It’s only natural for employees to get distracted from time to time. However, some always seem to find something better to do than the tasks assigned to them. No matter how meticulous you are in the recruitment and training process, you’ll still end up with a group of workers who never care about what you […]

How to Welcome New Hires to a Remote Team

Many businesses took a hit when the pandemic started. Suddenly, it wasn’t safe to go to the office or roam outdoors. This forced companies to adopt remote work, which has and is still a challenge for many. Thankfully, most employees have gotten used to working remotely and are even more productive than before. However, employers […]

What Is Attendance Management and Why Do You Need It?

When employees give their best at work, they help their organization prosper. As such, companies implement attendance management systems to ensure that staff members maximize their potential. It is an excellent way to monitor your employees’ punctuality and performance. So, in this post, we’re going to discuss what attendance management is. We will also explain […]

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