Microsoft Patent WO2020060606

Microsoft Patent WO2020060606: Will This Cryptocurrency Mining System Involve Microchip Implants?

In a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center, it was revealed that 71% of Americans are aware of the conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 pandemic was intentionally planned by powerful people. The same research reported that a quarter see either some or absolute truth in the theory.

At the center of these COVID-19 conspiracy theories is Bill Gates. The tech billionaire has been the subject of these theories after it was reported that his foundation had donated billions of dollars to coronavirus treatment and vaccine research. Imaginative minds began to suspect that he’s planning to use an eventual vaccine to implant tracking devices in people. Because of Gates’ 2015 Ted Talk about the possibility of another outbreak in the following years, people speculated that he was one of the people behind ‘culturing’ COVID-19.

This conspiracy theory gained stronger traction after Microsoft published a patent for bitcoin mining. The patent, named “WO2020060606 – Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data,” involves a crypto mining system based on sensors that transform mental or physical activities into computer power.

Now, does this bitcoin miner from Microsoft have any underlying, nefarious agenda? Can the tech company implant a chip in you and use your brain for mining bitcoins?

What Is the Microsoft Bitcoin Patent Conspiracy Theory?

It is not surprising why the Internet blew up with interpretations of the Microsoft crypto mining patent. After all, big names in the industry started spreading a link to a particular conspiracy theory. It states that the patent was designed as a predecessor to micro-chipping people for financial gain and data tracking. Even McAfee Associates founder John McAfee retweeted the link:

McAfee Associates founder John McAfee retweeted the link

However, we should not forget that this tweet came from the same man who was recently arrested in Norway for wearing a thong as a face mask.

What’s Behind the WO2020060606 Patent?

What’s Behind the WO2020060606 Patent

Amidst the waves of news about the spread of COVID-19 around the globe, Bill Gates announced that he was leaving his post as a member of Microsoft’s Board of Directors. The announcement came around the same time that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said that it was donating $100 million to coronavirus treatment and vaccine research. He also stated that he would finance seven vaccination factories, adding $1.6 billion to the Gavi vaccine alliance. However, he eventually retracted his statement, announcing that the foundation would finance two factories instead.

Because Gates’ foundation was only financing two vaccine factories, imaginative minds were quick to make assumptions on where the billions of dollars would go. Of course, their thoughts started to linger on the WO2020060606 patent.

The patent, which was published on March 26, 2020 on Patent Scope, describes how the human body and brain can be used to mine cryptocurrency. Owned by Microsoft Technologies, Patent WO2020060606 was filed on June 20, 2019. However, it was only published this year—the same month Gates announced his decision to move on to humanitarian work.

Why People Believe Patent WO2020060606 Will Be Used for Micro-Chipping

Patent WO2020060606 and Micro-Chipping
source: patentscope

When you look at the patent description, you’ll learn that it is a system that links humans to a server. The server provides them with real-world tasks. When a person carries out these tasks, their body heat or brain waves will generate energy for mining cryptocurrency. If you watch a lot of sci-fi movies, especially anything from The Wachowskis, the ‘Microsoft brainwave’ patent will seem like harvesting human bodies for mining digital currency.

Why do people associate the patent with micro-chipping? Well, for one, the link that John McAfee shared leads to a discussion by The Open Scroll. Christian blogger Bob Schlenker explained how this patent or system will play a role in a world where digital money will be the only currency accepted. McAfee’s statement about ‘chipped’ humans added fuel to the flame.  

Several proponents of the conspiracy theory deconstructed the name of the patent. They said that the “WO” stands for World Order, the hypothesis of a secretive, globalist agenda for eventually ruling the world with a single authoritarian government. Moreover, they highlighted the numbers 2020 and 666 in the patent’s name. As many know, 666 is the number of the devil.

Does Patent WO2020060606 Describe Micro-Chipping?

We’ll mention this outrightly—the patent does not say anything about microchips. If you review the diagrams, the only distinct items are the ‘person,’ ‘user device,’ and ‘sensor.’ Now, if you study the accompanying description, you’ll see that the ‘user device’ may only include items that cannot be implanted into humans. The device involved can be a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or laptop:

quote about Patent WO2020060606
source: patentscope

Now, the patent describes two types of sensors. The first one can be incorporated into one of the devices we mentioned. Meanwhile, the sensor can also be a standalone component. Here is the excerpt:

patent WO2020060606  describes two types of sensors
source: patentscope

If you go through the patent, you will not find any content about a sensor in the form of a microchip implant. Now, how about the theory that WO2020060606 is just a codename for World Order 666? Well, the patent indeed was published under the name WO2020060606. Evidently, it contains the number 666, specifically 060606. However, it does not necessarily translate into Patent 666.

Moreover, the WO prefix of the patent does not mean ‘World Order.’ In reality, it is a shortened form of WIPO, which stands for the World Intellectual Property Organization. This is the governing body that issued the patent to Microsoft Technologies.

Why Has the Conspiracy Theory Become So Popular?

Aside from John McAfee, other popular figures have discussed the WO2020060606 patent at length. One of them is Russia’s Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov. He went on local television and introduced the bizarre conspiracy theory to the public. He mentioned that using human activities and brainwaves is the initial step towards the devilish plot of implanting microchips in humans. Moreover, he claimed that the microchip program will be propagated under the guise of Bill Gates’ efforts to find treatment and vaccine for COVID-19.

There are many reasons why people easily believe conspiracy theories. As we’ve mentioned in our article about mind manipulation, it’s natural for us to find answers and sense amidst perplexing circumstances. However, as illustrated in the survey conducted by Pew Research Center, educational attainment is also an important factor. According to the survey, around 48% of Americans with a high school diploma or less perceive the theory as somewhat or definitely true. Meanwhile, only 38% of respondents who have received college-level education and 15% of those with a postgraduate degree were inclined to believe the theory.

While some conspiracy theories appear to be harmless, we must perform our due diligence. There is danger in blindly believing things and taking everything at face value. Amidst the terror of the pandemic, some conspiracies may prevent us from getting life-saving medicine. As such, it is our responsibility to read every material we see online carefully while ensuring that the information we digest comes from authoritative sources.

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