15 Employee Time Tracking Apps & Tools in 2023

employee time tracking apps tools

Research indicates that nearly 90 percent of employees admit to wasting time at work every day.

Thirty-one percent waste around 30 minutes, but more than one-fourth waste two to three hours each day.

This extrapolates to more than 15 hours per week of wasted productivity.

So, what’s the solution?

Micromanaging employees? Definitely, not.

The best approach to improve time management at your company is to invest in an employee time tracking app.

They enable employers to monitor worker activity to ensure work time is properly utilized. Employee time tracking software also encourages transparency within teams.

If you’re looking for a time tracking tool for your team, this guide lists the top options to help you choose the right one.

You can jump straight to our comparison table for a quick summary.

Check out our top picks and decide which one suits your business and team.

1. Traqq

Price: Free, $6.user/month

Availability: Web, Windows, macOS

Traqq - employee time tracking app

Are you a small or large team that wants to prioritize time management in the simplest way possible?

Check out Traqq, a free employee time tracking app that gives you access to all the premium features.

Traqq offers all the elements you will need to monitor your team’s performance and productivity.

The tool is easily scalable and doesn’t cost an arm and leg to upgrade. It can handle teams of all sizes with equal capabilities and deliver accurate results every single time.

Besides, it’s easy to use – all it takes is a click of a button to start or stop tracking time.

When it comes to employee monitoring, Traqq promotes ethical tracking. While it automatically takes screenshots at specific time intervals, users have control over which screenshots they want to be seen.

Traqq dashboard

What’s more, the screenshots are intentionally blurred to hide any sensitive details like messages or passwords. The main intention is to show the manager what an employee is doing at a given time.

Another great feature you’ll find useful on Traqq is the offline mode. You don’t need an active internet connection to monitor user activity. It works offline and automatically syncs all data to the online account once you have a network connection.

The tool lets you generate detailed reports with data that can help you analyze a team’s or an individual’s performance, activity levels, and productivity.

Best for: Teams of all sizes, freelancers, and contractors looking for a feature-rich, affordable, and user-friendly time tracking tool.

Notable Features:

  • Manual time tracking
  • Powerful reporting
  • Ethical employee monitoring
  • Invoicing
  • Manual time entries
  • Automated desktop screenshots and screen recording
  • Apps and website monitoring


  • Free plan with all premium features available
  • Full online and offline time tracking
  • Productivity monitoring features
  • Simple report generating process


  • No support for third-party integrations 

2. Workpuls

Price: Packages start from $6.40/month/user

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

Workpuls employee time tracking app

Workpuls is an employee time tracking app that promises to provide proof of work and proper resource utilization for your organization. It helps you monitor time on each task and project, so you don’t miss deadlines.

Workpuls offers real-time monitoring, allowing managers to track computer activity to check on what employees are tackling. Time mapping gives you an overview of where your staff spends time to help eliminate human error that’s typical with manual time tracking.

Best for: Teams that need employee tracking, time and attendance monitoring, and budget monitoring.

Notable Features:

  • Screenshots
  • Apps and websites usage monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Productivity reports
  • Manual time entries


  • Modern user interface
  • Cloud and on-premise installation options


  • No mobile apps

3. Qbserve

Price: One-time fee of $40 per user

Availability: macOS

Qbserve Timesheet

If you own a Mac, Qbserve may be a good choice for you. It’s an automatic time tracker for employees, meaning you don’t have to start or stop time. However, you will need to set up project rules to enable the tool to record billable time.

For example, you can create a specific string (like a project name) or keywords. Once it detects these keywords on your documents or browser, it automatically activates the tracker. You can define these rules and adjust them as you wish.

Best for: Users looking for a Mac time tracker that automatically records time based on a set of keywords.

Notable Features:

  • Reports and timesheets
  • Real-time feedback
  • Automatic time tracking


  • Invoice generation in up to 18 languages
  • Local storage for recorded data
  • Real-time alerts and notifications


  • No support for other operating systems apart from macOS

4. FunctionFox

Price: Free, packages start at $35/month for first-time users and $5/month/user for each additional user

Availability: Web, Android, iOS

Functionfox time tracking software

FunctionFox is an employee time tracker software built by creatives for the creative industry. The employee time tracking app can record billable and non-billable hours, whether you work solo or in a team. It ensures people can efficiently track time on clients and projects, and also allows users to add time manually.

However, time tracking isn’t as straightforward as on Traqq. You must first create personnel, projects, and tasks. Plus, you can’t see time ticking by as you can on other time tracking platforms.

You either see the time go on or off, and that’s it. Additionally, the timer won’t stop unless someone manually clicks to stop it.

Best for: Creative teams and agencies looking for a tool to track their productivity.

Notable Features:

  • Automatic and manual time tracking
  • Client and project management
  • Estimates, budgets, and cost tracking
  • Reporting


  • Neatly organized user-interface
  • Simultaneous time tracking from multiple devices


  • No option to view elapsed time

5. TimeSolv

Price: Starts at $35.95 per user, per month

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

TimeSolv employee time tracking app

If you want to streamline workflow for your legal practice business, TimeSolv provides you the easiest way to record every minute worked. It lets you run multiple timers to track more than one task at the same time.

Additionally, you can create limits on hours billed for tasks, so you can stay on budget. The employee monitoring software works offline and syncs everything when you re-establish an internet connection.

Best for: Lawyers, consultants, accountants, PR firms, and contractors looking for a flexible time tracker that also offers project management functions.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Project management


  • Integration with industry-leading accounting systems
  • Basic project management and time tracking functionalities


  • Outdated user interface
  • No GPS tracking

6. Teamwork

Price: Free, packages start at $10/month/user

Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Teamwork project management platform

Teamwork tracks time spent on projects and tasks to help you understand how and where your time goes. It simplifies the recording of billable time and ensures everyone stays focused and delivers work on time. 

The employee time tracking tool provides valuable insights into how long projects really take to help you better manage resources and timelines.

Best for: Users who want simple budget management, quick invoicing options, and project profitability reports.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Kanban boards


  • Easy to use
  • Team collaboration support


  • Limited charts and graphs

7. Hubstaff

Price: Free, starts at $5.83/user/month

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Hubstaff employee time tracking app

Hubstaff is another employee time tracking app managers can use to track hours while accessing features like GPS location, scheduling, invoicing, and more.

It supports offline time monitoring and syncs all data when you get back online. Hubstaff features an on-the-go productivity function that shows managers where their personnel are located in real-time.

Best for: Companies with remote workers who are always on the road, such as construction workers and cleaning teams.

Notable Features:

  • Automated time tracking
  • Manual time entries
  • Time off, holidays, and breaks approval


  • Automated reporting and payroll
  • Geolocation features
  • Productivity tracking


  • Mobile-only support for location tracking

8. Apploye

Price: Packages start at $2/user/month

Availability: Chrome, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Apploye employee time tracking software

Apploye is a simple employee time tracking software that lets you monitor remote workers, in-office staff, and even those who are in the field. It takes a single click to start the timer and offers clock-in/clock-out features right within the desktop app.

Best for: Teams, freelancers, and contractors who want to measure time spent on projects or clients.

Notable Features:

  • Staff location tracking
  • Manual time adjustments
  • Project budgeting
  • Pomodoro timer


  • Easy to use
  • Clean user interface and reasonable learning curve


  • Basic reporting

9. ClickUp

Price: Free plan, packages start from $5/member/month

Availability: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome extension

Clickup employee time tracking app

ClickUp gives you a bird’s-eye view of every task in progress on all levels of your organization. Its native employee time tracker supports recording work hours from any device while offering an Outlook add-on. The tool lets you log time automatically or manually, as well as add or create time entries.

You can mark time as billable, sort tasks by time, and filter recorded time by date, priority tags, and more.

Best for: Users who want more flexibility and customizable features.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Time estimates
  • Reporting
  • Task management
  • Team collaboration


  • Affordable packages
  • Fully customizable functions


  • Steep learning curve

10. Paymo

Price: Free plan, packages start at $9.95/user/month

Availability: Web, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, macOS

Paymo is a work management platform that comes with native time tracking and project management features. It lets you track time manually via the web timer, or using the dedicated desktop and mobile apps.

All the tracked hours are automatically recorded on an online timesheet, making it easier to retrieve data for analysis.

Best for: Managers looking for a project management tool that offers time tracking features.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Kanban board
  • Gantt chart
  • Leave planner


  • Detailed task timer
  • Gantt chart and Kanban board support


  • No idle time detection

11. BeeBole

Price: € 6.99/user/month

Availability: Windows, Android, iOS

BeeBole is an efficient timesheet app that offers employee time tracking for businesses of all sizes. Employees can send their timesheets for approval. If they forget, the tool sends automated reminders nudging them to do so.

With BeeBole, you can track time in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly. Moreover, it lets you monitor remote workers’ attendance and absences. 

Best for: Teams searching for an employee time clock with flexible reporting.

Notable Features:

  • Automated timesheet reminders
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Project budgeting


  • Simple upgrade plan
  • Customizable project time tracking


  • Unappealing visuals

12. Everhour

Price: Starts at $8.50/user/month

Availability: Web, Browser extension, iOS, 

As soon as you launch Everhour, you’ll notice a simple layout that optimizes workflow and team visualization. The visuals make it easy to track team availability – green shows available hours, gray indicates breaks and leave days, and red overtime.

Best for: Teams and freelancers who want transparency and visibility across workloads.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Project budgeting
  • Invoicing
  • Visual planning


  • Excellent integrations with other productivity tools
  • Auto-stop at the end of a workday
  • Clear presentation team availability and workloads


  • No offline functionality

13. Connecteam

Price: Free, plans start from $39/month for the first 50 users

Availability: Web, Android, iOS

Connecteam offers a one-touch clock in and out function. It lets you track works hours spent on clients, projects, or jobs, so you can stay on top of things. The employee time tracking app sends you alerts when workers are late clocking in for shifts. Plus, it provides real-time GPS location tracking.

Best for: Teams that want to streamline time management and timesheet approvals.

Notable Features:

  • Employee time clock
  • Employee scheduling
  • Task management


  • Alerts for overtime logs
  • Support for absence and PTO approvals


  • Limited reports

14. Todo.vu

Price: Free, paid plans start at $9/user/month

Availability: Android, iOS

Anyone who bills for their time will find todo.vu a valuable employee time tracking app. Users can view the entire day’s activities via beautiful, clear visuals and adjust time entries with ease. The time tracker provides an integrated solution that allows users to manage all work in one place, without having to switch between applications.

Best for: Organizations that want to manage everything from a single platform, including employee appreciation.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Time billing
  • Task tracking
  • Calendar sync


  • CRM, task management, and time tracking functions on the free package
  • Support for all invoicing systems


  • No offline mode
  • No idle detection

15. VeriClock

Price: Packages start at $15/month/user

Availability: Cloud-based, Android, iOS

VeriClock employee time tracking app

VeriClock is a dedicated employee time tracking app that caters to small and midsize businesses. It lets users extract real-time data from clock-ins and outs and generate reports for analysis and comparison.

Users can add notes or take photos (like before and after pictures of a task). It also supports signature requests and the automation of repetitive processes.

Best for: Teams of any size looking for a simple solution to tedious timekeeping processes.

Notable Features:

  • Time tracking
  • Job costing
  • Location management


  • Multiple clock-in options, including by landline
  • Seamless integration with devices you already use


  • Basic user interface

Employee Time Tracking App Comparison Table

Employee Time Tracking SoftwareTrial PeriodCost to UpgradeAutomated ScreenshotsOffline Time TrackingIdle Time Detection
Traqq21 days$6/seat/monthYesYesYes
Workpuls14 days$6.40/user/monthYesYesYes
Qbserve15 days$40/user, one-time feeNoNoNo
FunctionFoxFree demo$35/monthNo NoNo
TimeSolv30 days$35.95/userNoYesNo
Teamwork30 days$10/user/monthNoNoNo
Hubstaff14 days$5.83/user/monthYesYesYes
Apploye10 days$2/user/monthYesYesYes
ClickUpFree version$5/member/monthYesYesYes
Paymo15 days$9.95/user/monthNoNoYes 
BeeBole30 days€6.99/user/monthNoYesNo
Everhour14 days$8.50/user/monthYesYesNo
Connecteam14 days$39/month for the first 50 usersNoNoNo
Todo.vu14 days$9/user/monthNoNoNo
VeriClock30 days$15/user/monthNoNoNo

Key Features to Look for in an Employee Time Tracking App

The solution you choose to start monitoring your employees’ time will vary greatly, depending on the what, why, and when of your company’s time tracking needs.

Here are the top factors you need to keep in mind when evaluating a time tracker:

  • Time tracking needs. What exactly do you need the employee time tracking software for? Is it for productivity monitoring, tracking billable hours, calculating project profitability, or recording employee work hours for payroll?

  • Intuitive features. Each tool has varying features that appeal to different kinds of businesses. No one wants a solution with a steep learning curve. Look for an app that offers all the features you need but keeps it simple.

  • Robust reporting. Consider a tool that offers advanced and detailed reports that are easy to interpret. You should be able to quickly generate reports for the day, week, or month without going through a long, tiring process.

  • Data exporting options. The most reliable tools let you seamlessly export data to your clients or employer after project or task completion or at the end of the month. Traqq makes data easily shareable via PDFs and CSVs.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Employee Time Tracking App?

The moment you start tracking your employees’ time, you’ll start noticing various improvements, including:

Accurate payroll billing

Time trackers automatically capture everything your workers do while working. This creates a flawless time record and eliminates manual errors and estimations.

Better project management

With insights into how work processes flow and a clear picture of the scope of work, you can create streamlined project management strategies.

High-level financial oversight

Time tracking apps provide crucial data that shows you how resources are being spent. This makes it easier to detect and stop unprofitable tasks and focus on profitable ones.

Productivity boost

With an employee time tracking app, you can identify productivity issues like sources of distractions. When employees know everything is being captured, they will focus more and be less likely to waste time on non-work-related stuff.

Secure data storage

Using a paper time tracking spreadsheet to record employee work hours is a recipe for disaster. Time tracking apps store the data securely. Plus, they make it easier to retrieve the records in the future for review.

Stop Micromanaging Works by Investing in an Employee Time Tracking Software

There you have it-a list of the best employee time tracking apps that you can implement in your business to improve profitability, efficiency, and productivity!

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