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Time Batching: Increase Productivity in 5 Steps

Do you always look away from your computer screen when you’re working? Perhaps, you find yourself easily distracted whenever you’re supposed to be busy with work. Most of the time, your productivity suffers because of self-imposed mental interruptions. Well, if you haven’t tried time batching, you should try it out now. What Is Time Batching? […]

10 Types of Counterproductive Work Behaviors

There’s no denying the fact that teamwork, good working relationships, and positive work environments are the key drivers of success in any organization.  For the most part, employees perform their jobs to the best of their abilities, sometimes even going beyond and above.  However, some employees demonstrate counterproductive work behaviors that may harm an organization’s […]

Create a Successful Freelancer Portfolio (2022 Guide)

The freelance platforms market size is expected to grow from $3393.5 million in 2020 to $9192.9 million in 2027. With more and more people venturing into this industry, you need to find ways to create a freelancer portfolio that will stand out. At one point, every successful freelancer assembled an effective portfolio. So, how do […]

Work From Home Burnout and How to Overcome it

There’s no doubt that remote work has enabled businesses and workers to maintain some sense of normalcy and continuity. However, the real struggle for employees has been to cope with work from home burnout. Most of them have been working hard to preserve healthy boundaries between professional and personal lives. A recent survey by TINYpulse […]

13 Examples of Professional Goals for 2022

What are your career goals? What do you hope to accomplish in your current role? What long-term professional goals do you have? If none of the answers excite you, then you might just feel stuck in your position. This is where setting goals, both professional and personal, comes in. It doesn’t matter what your position […]

20 Desktop Monitoring Software and Apps in 2022

Did you know that your company is at risk of wasting $400 billion a year due to lost productivity?  After all, the American Payroll Association discovered that 75% of U.S. businesses are affected by employee time theft.  Indeed, it’s high time you invested in desktop monitoring software. However, once you start searching online, you’ll find […]

10 Best Resume Builders to Jumpstart Your Career

Get this. On average, each corporate job vacancy attracts 250 resumes. Of these candidates, four to six will get invited for an interview, and only one will be lucky enough to get the job. If you want to be among the selected few, a resume builder is the best tool to help you create that […]

15 Cost Optimization Tactics to Maximize Efficiency in Your Business

Even before the pandemic, cost optimization has been a top priority for businesses. However, these unpredictable times have forced organizations to find strategies that will help them survive financially. Indeed, it’s high time businesses ditched the traditional cost-cutting measures. Even so, cost optimization is not simple. Many organizations fail to make the right investments that […]

Top 15 Best Books on Time Management to Boost Productivity

Have you ever found yourself wondering how time flies when working on your projects? We’ve all been there. It begins with a feeling that you have all the time in the world, and then suddenly, you just have minutes before the deadline. Time is one of the most precious yet scarcest resources we have. Once […]

The Importance of Time in Our Lives

Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back. Harvey Mackay In the world we live in today, people seem to prioritize money over everything else. However, time is actually […]

What Is Cyberslacking and How Does It Affect Workplace Productivity?

If there is one thing clear in today’s remote work environment, it’s that the success of the setup can be attributed to internet connectivity. Many companies can continue their work operations online because the proper work-from-home tools are available at their disposal. Even so, this privilege also comes with great pain.  Running a digital business […]

Boomerang Employees and Why You Should (not) Hire Them

In today’s tough job market, companies struggling to fill open roles are considering boomerang employees who left during the pandemic. If you can recall, the Great Resignation saw almost 43 million employees quit their jobs in 2021, an annual high, as reported by CNBC. The trend is rising, with 4.3 million people quitting their jobs […]

Make The Perfect Employee Compensation Plan

According to research from PayScale, the majority of U.S. workers do not know if they’re being paid fairly. The study revealed that 49.7% of employees who think they’re underpaid are likely to switch jobs within the next six months. However, these days, salary is not the only thing that attracts and retains top talent. It […]

How to Become a Freelancer in 7 Easy Steps

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 31.3 million Americans either suffered a pay cut or lost their jobs. Two years into the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have returned to full-blown operations. Even so, some positions and roles may still take time to come back. When U.S. […]