Great Torrent Sites of 2020

10 Lesser-Known but Great Torrent Sites of 2021

Torrent sites are among the most impressive technologies on the list of man’s inventions. They bring so many benefits, including the speed, the coverage, and the ease of access and downloading large-sized files. Torrent download sites are goldmines for movies and music. There are even platforms for books if you are the type that loves to read.

The problem is that sometimes it is not easy to get access to top torrent sites that have a good enough database. This might give you the wrong impression that torrenting is dead. Think again! Awesome movie torrent sites and ebook torrenting sites still exist. You just need to know how to find them. The truth is that everyone needs something with which to keep themselves entertained from time to time. However, you might find that you are low on finances and will be unable to do this. That is where torrenting comes in handy.

This article will look at the best torrent sites of 2020 that most people are missing out. Among the websites on this list, you will find those that will give you access to a large database of free movies, music, and ebooks. It all depends on what it is you are looking for.

Note: The websites featured in this article are not affiliated with or promoted by Traqq. Do remember that these sites may feature copyrighted content that may be illegal to download without appropriate permissions.
Remember, depending on your location, you might need to use a reliable VPN before downloading via torrent. A VPN connection will help keep your connection secure and protect your privacy.
Now, to take you on a tour with the list of the best lesser-known torrent sites of 2020:


EZTV - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

EZTV is one of the best torrent sites for movies, specifically TV series. That’s right! If you have been looking to find the best place to download your favorite series, this is it! If you visit the website, you will find a section of the page advising you to employ the use of VPN software. This serves to protect you from getting your data leaked into the wrong hands.

The website also gives you the option to filter your search. The most impressive filter is the one based on resolution. Next to the name of the file you want to download is a display showing the direct magnet link and the torrent link of the file. This is shown right beside the file size and the time of release.

2. EZTV Torrent

EZTV Torrent - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

EZTV Torrent always makes the list of top 10 torrent sites. This site allows you to download a wide variety of stuffs ranging from movies to TV series. With a wide selection of filters to choose from, it is easy to find what you are looking for on this website. You can filter your search based on Genres, Networks, IMDB ratings, and Country.
It is important to note that this site operates a bit differently from the one listed above. When you find the file you want to download, you will be redirected to a different page when you click on the download button. You will then be required to prove that you are not a robot (yes, the Captcha system at work!) before are given access to the download link. This link will help you download the torrent file you want.

3. - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

Hello, fellow gamers! We have something for you too. If you love games, this is the torrent site for you. On this site, you will find magnet links to download games and movies. Movies are categorized differently from games. The movie section organizes movies based on genres, while the game section categorizes games based on the platform where they are to be played.

If you don’t know what it is you want to download or you see a name that you like and will like to know what the file is all about, you can check the trailer clips embedded into the site. By clicking the clips, you will be take to YouTube to see trailers on all the gameplays and movies available on the website.

4. DocTorrent

DocTorrent - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

Another great torrent site for downloading TV series and movies is DocTorrent. It features several high-resolution media files at your disposal. Just like, DocTorrent also has YouTube clips embedded into the site, which you can click to watch trailers of files you find interesting. The layout of the site is clean and easy to navigate.

The TV series and movies are grouped into categories. This makes it really easy to search and download torrent files.

5. BT Etree

BT Etree - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

Music lovers rejoice because we’ve also got something for you! BT Etree is the place to be! On this website, you will find magnet links to download music files of local artists, concerts, and recordings. If you are an artist who will like to share your music with others, this site gives you the option to register an account as an artist. You can then upload your songs, albums, or albums of your favorite band. Let the music sharing begin!

6. isoHunt

isoHunt - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

Are you looking for the best Extratorent alternatives? Well, consider visiting isoHunt. This website is a torrent search engine that helps you find torrent sites no matter the category. As an advanced BitTorrent and P2P search engine, you can use it to find a variety of files ranging from Anime, Games, Software, and Movies to Books, Music, and TV series.

The website used to offer torrent files for download but it does not do that anymore. It only functions as a torrent engine now.

7. Limetorrents

Limetorrents - Best Unknown Torrent Sites

Limetorrents is a site that has been around for years now. You can sift through millions of torrent files on this website. All you have to do is click on ‘Browse’ or ‘Other’ links. We believe you will be amazed by the variety of files that you will find at your disposal.

Besides movies, you can also download manuals and free ebooks, as well as other content that is rare or hard to find. For the anime lovers, you will find a section dedicated to anime!

8. Torrentz2

The great thing about Torrentz2 is that it is a meta-search engine. This means that when you search for a file, it scans through the results of several other torrent search engines to find what you are looking for. In essence, by using this site, you don’t have to go through the stress of searching for files on different torrent websites all by yourself. It does that for you.

On the main page, the website boasts of having access to more than 60 million files in its database. Whether you are making a general search or a specific one, you are very likely to find what you are looking for on this site.
When you initiate a search, the search result will show you user ratings, download size, and the estimated download time of all the files found. The estimated time depends on the number of peers sharing the torrent at each moment.
Note: lately the site is offline


This is a great torrenting site that isn’t known by many. You can download books, Games, Movies, TV series, and Music. The collections of torrent files in all these categories are quite large and should satisfy your desire for entertainment. You can also create tutorials using content videos and earn while doing so.
It is also easy to use. Simply click on the file you wish to download and it will automatically give you a magnet link for your torrent downloader.
Note: lately the site is offline


This is another torrent search engine that allows you to find torrent sites of various categories. However, it also serves you torrent files that you can download straight from the website. Therefore, if you want to find other torrent providers, you can search for it on Meanwhile, If you want to download torrent files directly, won’t disappoint.
The categories you can search for include anime, software, books, applications, TV series, and movies. As you can see, it has a large collection from which you can choose. In addition to all these, the site shows you the health of a torrent file, the number of seeds it currently has, and the peers.
Note: lately the site is offline


There you have it! This list contains some of the torrent sites that you will not easily find on the Internet. Be sure to check that torrent is safe and legal in your location before torrenting. Also, keep your data safe and protect your privacy by using a VPN connection.

Remember, do not lose track of time while taking a break with those ebooks, music, and movies. While it is a great idea to entertain yourself and catch a breather, you need to keep track of your time and be productive.

We hope you find this list useful in downloading the movie, music, ebook, software, or game that you are looking for. After all, everyone likes to be entertained.

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